55 Bottle Bags, Marshmallow Ghosts & New Laws

October 14, 2009


Check this gorgeous “Kenner” bag from Matt & Nat, made from 100% recycled materials. Get it now at mattandnat.com for $255



Sweet & Sara is Perfect for Halloween! The scariest thing about most marshmallows is that they are made of the boiled hooves, cartlige, skin and tendons from animals. Boo!

But guess what? These fluffy spirits from Sweet & Sara are made of their 100% vegan vanilla marshmallow, with chocolate detailing. We can’t wait to see what else they come up with. I heard a rumor about vegan peeps!

Progress Made: Two New Laws to Protect Farm Animals

Thanks to Farm Sanctuary, The Michigan Humane Society, and The Humane Society of the United States Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill which will ban tail docking by the California dairy industry and Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan has just signed legislation to ban cruel battery cages, gestation crates and veal crates in her state. California is the first state to ban the tail docking of dairy cows. Michigan is now the second state to ban battery cages, following the example set by California last year with the passage of Proposition 2. It is also the fifth state to ban veal crates and the seventh to ban gestation crates.

Summer S’mores

July 1, 2008

vegan smores

I went out to Pennsylvania for a weekend in the woods. I made vegan s’mores, shot some wildlife (with my camera) and just relaxed listening to the rain and the crickets.

Easy Vegan S’mores

What you’ll need:

  • Vegan Marshmallows (I recommend Sweet & Sarah)
  • Dark-Chocolate Bar
  • Honey-free Graham Crackers (Keebler, Nabisco, and Health Valley makes one, or MAKE YOUR OWN)
  • Fire, oven, or stove


  1. Break up chocolate bar into 1″x1″ squares
  2. place on half a graham cracker
  3. either place marshmallow on top and broil, or roast marshmallow over open flame and then plcae on top.
  4. Finally, put the other half of your graham cracker on top to finish the sandwich!


Some friends from the North East Forests!