AUGUST CONTEST: Win a $150 Gift Certificate at the Turk + Taylor online store!

August 3, 2009

Turk + Taylor creatively use organic and sustainable materials and processes to design gorgeous garments for both Picture 7men and women. Their mastery of reinventing classics and capturing nostalgia makes them one of our favorite lines. All goods are manufactured locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Turk+Taylor Pop-Up Shop is located at 1529 Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Their phone number is 415-336-5364. They’re open Thursday through Sunday, Noon – 7pm through the end of August.

Their Online store is:

You can win this $150 Turk + Taylor Gift Certificate in a few simple steps:

  1. Cities need trees! Friends of the Urban Forest is one of Turk + Taylor’s favorite organizations! Check out their website and then send us anything that inspires you about greening our urban spaces! A letter about what you do, a photo of your rooftop garden, a poem about a tree on your block, a video. Anything goes as long as it’s about the urban forest. Don’t forget to send along an explanation if it’s a visual.
  2. Send to The Subject line must read: AUGUST CONTEST: TURK+TAYLOR (otherwise it may get trashed)
  3. The best, most moving and creative submission wins!
  4. Deadline is AUGUST 31st.
  5. The winner will be announced SEPTEMBER 1st.

My Farming Jacket, Shredding Lessons, Secret Jails & Pop Shops

June 29, 2009

ONLY 1 DAY LEFT TO ENTER TO WIN THESE BOURGEOIS BOHEME BROGUES! It’s so easy, don’t kick yourself later for not even trying!

Turk + Taylor, creator of handsome, organic garments, has opened a pop-up store in San Francisco! If you’re on the west coast, you must check out their tailored goods for both men and women.  And of course they’re offering up a batch of striking tees!

Picture 13 The Turk+Taylor Pop-Up Shop is located at 1529 Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Their phone number is 415-336-5364. They’re open Thursday through Sunday, Noon – 7pm through the end of August.

Animal Rights Activist Jailed at Secretive Prison Gives First Account of Life Inside a “CMU”
In a Democracy Now exclusive interview,  Andrew Stepanian, an animal rights activist who was jailed at a secretive prison known as a Communication Management Unit, or CMU, speaks to Democracy Now. Watch the FULL VIDEO.

Jim James of the lionized My Morning Jacket has announced that a portion of the proceeds of an upcoming, limited-edition EP will go to some of our favorite peeps at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!


LEARN TO SHRED! Raw chef Judita (who also happens to star as “Judy Nails” in Guitar Hero) is teaching some raw un-cooking classes in NYC. If you want to learn Raw Foods 101 from a rockstar chef, you must take the class!

The Cruelest Show On Earth! Ringling Bros has fastened itself onto Coney Island like a parasite for the summer. Find out what happens during typical behind-the-scenes training for circus elephants:

Instead of supporting horrible activities like this, go to Cirque Du Soleil or Fuerza Bruta!

Get amazing vegan meals delivered anywhere!


Fresh Friday Finds

March 13, 2009

Fact! There are 700,000 homeless people in the U.S., and 18 million vacant houses and apartments…

1. Turk + Taylor, Spring 09 is looking good! T+T is one of our favorite designers, who we’ve been following for a few seasons now. The collection is almost 100% organic cotton. Check them out! Also check out their new organic tees.

2. These shoes are golden! Cool, Vegan, fair-trade, and eco-friendly, does it get any better than that ? Jinga was started 3 years ago by two gals who give back at least 5% of sales to a social project in a Rio de Janeiro favela (shantytown) which provides activities and education to children to keep them away from gangs! (Thanks to reader Michael B. for this info!)

Bronze Classic Black

3. Undercover Animal Lover. This guy is an ethical vegan who risks his safety killing animals all day and shooting undercover footage so we can get a glimpse into the heavily-shrouded meat and dairy industries. Can you imagine? Read this rare interview with TIME magazine, and check his HBO documentary Death on a Factory Farm airing March 16.

4. This Sunday, March 15th, eat good vegan food and help farm animals!

Farm Sanctuary’s Dinner Night Broadway East
171 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Reservations for your party are available between 7:30 and 10 p.m.
Reserve your table online at or by calling Laurie at 212-228-3100.
Be sure to mention Farm Sanctuary when making your reservation.

5. One of our favorite organic companies, Loomstate, is having a party at one of our favorite eco-boutiques, Kaight, on Friday March 20th. Get a free Loomstate organic tee with any purchase of Loomstate S/S ’09!loomstatess091 Loomstate Tosh S/S Button Down

6.  Person to know: Historian and Activist GEORGE DRAFFAN

” ‘Development’ is a euphemism, much like the word ‘efficiency.’ Efficiency within the current system is really about how fast you can turn forests and mountains into wastepaper and soda pop cans. Is that good? If the purpose of life is to consume and destroy, then international trade and industrial civilization are definitely proven ways to speed that up .”

The Elite Consensus: When Corporations Wield the Constitution

Welcome to the Machine: Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control

Strangely Like War: The Global Assault on ForestsRailroads and Clearcuts: Legacy of Congress's 1864 Northern Pacific Railroad Land Grant

gg125x125.jpg7. Chloé Jo and the GGA weigh in on the myth that leather can be ‘eco-friendly‘ , on the best Vegan Cheeses, and on the controversy surrounding veganizing your companion animal. Watch out for those crazy cat people! They get their claws out!

Inside a typical tannery

Parma, you so fine.  I wanna make you mine!

8. You might need a french terrycloth motorcycle jacket. I’m just saying….

9. From the folks who brought you EcoRazzi, Veg Daily is Born!veg daily logo, vegetarian, vegan, veggies, eating healthy

10. Veteran vegan rockers Propagandhi talk to VegNews about their forthcoming album, Supporting Caste.

Judicious Gentlemanswear

September 12, 2008

1. Fashion Week: Spring 09 Menswear

Spring ’09 will be full of stripes, neutrals with pops of color, and above-the-ankle pants. Band of Outsiders offered casual, laceless loafers, 80’s inspired kid-hipster cuts, and a sense of playing film-noir dress-up. The DKNY man was mostly tie-less and laid back, wearing canvass sneaks. Ducky Brown was inspired by bike messengers and swimmers’ spandex, Lacoste‘s man in red simply showcased polos and cuffed, fitted slacks. Marc Jacobs‘ double-belts, volume, and stripes followed the trends this season. Patrik Ervell toyed around with glam rock-a-billy, Rag & Bone just went straight for the many schools of punk, and Robert Geller took us to eastern Europe, with Gypsy-softened, military cuts.

What we know about menswear is that there is little flexibility (at least in comparison to womens’ fashion) concerning garments. There are things that define men – suits, ties, knits, hats, waistcoats, jackets, slacks, and certain accessories. In the world of menswear, the leather jacket is almost as defining to male gender as the Bloody Steak is in the world of cuisine. Aside from the perpetual re-modification of tailoring, cuts, and fits – most menswear designers are lost in a cyclical pattern of rotating colors, prints, eras, and fibers. Surprisingly, it is easy to use organic cotton instead of conventional cotton. It is easy to find alternatives to leather and fur. Thanks to designers like Jaanj, we know that ties do not need to be made with silk to be luxurious or silky. Same for knits and wool, yet designers keep pumping out the same old thing – imagining that somehow this is iconoclastic.

Menswear is dying because of logistics and lazy creatures of habit. It is dying due to a lack of vision and a defiant unwillingness to adapt to a landbase in crisis. Designers could use ethical textile suppliers, forcing those who continue to shit on us and get paid for it to change or vanish. Phillip Lim’s grotesquely excessive snakeskin shoes, and so-over keffeyah-inspired scarf seemed useless on the runway. I’d rather see the actual living snake (it is much more beautiful) – or a tribute to Palestinean solidarity that hasn’t been bastardized. Hillfiger’s bone and white suits could easily be made with organic fibers. Designers are just starting to realize that the bubble most of them have found tolerance in  – where snakes are shoes and cows are jackets and raccoon-dogs are collars – is becoming more and more difficult to cajole consumers with, whose broadening awareness begs for well-made, compassionate garments and accessories, and exposes the absent referent.

The problem goes even deeper – in a culture of mainstream fashion ‘journalists’ and writers who lack the knowledge to create a critical discourse concerning textiles, labor, and functioning ecosystems – many simply fail to take into account what the clothes are actually made of, how that happened, and what the effects are.  Instead, when we do hear about fabric – the only barometer it is measured by is that of outdated and disfunctional ideas of luxury and evocation of wealth.

There are a handful of ethical designers recognized in the mainstream – Trovata for instance – who will be selling their garments from a vegetable powered bus. Others are Organic by John Patrick, Turk & Taylor, NSF, and Linda Loudermilk. They are almost always written off as ‘cooky’.

More to come from spring ’09.

2. Culturata Organics

Culturata Organic Shirt

What can improve upon a long family history in fine italian tailoring? Organic cotton. When in Rome… wear classic, tailored, organic shirts made by expert craftsmen. Culturata Organics is an emerging company with strict environmental and ethical standards.

Wax Flyer Jacket

Wall Street Goes to the Farm, Anti-Sex Teen Magazine, & Vegan Suits

June 16, 2008

1. Vegan Suits that Don’t Suck

DB Reader Jared asks:

I have been on a year-long quest to find a good vegan suit, but to no avail. There are of course cotton suits, but I am looking for something more classic (but slim) and slightly more professional looking during the non-summer months. H&M is the best that I have found, but their options tend to look polyester-ish and have low rise pants. Would you happen to know of somewhere where I can obtain what has become my holy grail? I would be forever indebted to you.”

Jared, you are not alone in your quest for ethical suitage! When I was attending the anti-globalization protests in the early 2000’s, I posed the question to some of my fellow protestors “Can you image what would have happened if every activist showed up in a business suit? The f***ing cops wouldn’t know what the hell to do!”. I still believe this – especilly since the main purpose of the police is to protect the haves from the have-nots. Since the suit is a symbol of having, the typical dance between activists and cops would take an interesting turn for sure. It certainly wouldn’t be as easy to know who to arrest or whose face to bash in with a night-stick.
Organic Blazer
Isn’t it funny how the suit has come to represent the official non-verbal symbol of power? This is the power of fashion – it’s all too underestimated in many activist circles. When searching for an ethical suit, there is a near conflict-of-interest when we consider 1) what the suit represents, and 2) how suits are typically made (sweatshops, animal skins & hairs). It’s almost like wearing a faux-fur! “Don’t worry, this suit isn’t really a tool for global domination, oppression and resource pillaging.”

Covet s2008

So what’s to be said for appropriating a powerful symbol in the name of gaining clout for your cause? I think it’s great!
If you need an affordable suit – I would first go to a thrift store. Some people are opposed to secondhand wool. I am not, and my argument is simple: If you are purchasing something that looks like a suit, no one is going know if it’s wool or synthetic. Buying a new synthetic suit requires a lot of undesirable processes and labor practices. Secondhand requires no new resource extraction or labor. In the ethical equation of new synthetic vs secondhand wool I have to say that secondhand wool wins. The drawbacks of new synthetics are just too great.



Next I would check sample sales. Finally, if you can afford to purchase new designer suits or commission a designer to make one for you, some ethically produced suits are:
Linda Loudermilk (not everything is vegan, so check labels)
Turk & Taylor (not everything is vegan, so check labels)
Covet (not everything is vegan, so check labels)
Bamford & Sons (they use fur & aligator skins, so def write them a letter )
Pangea Vegan Store
DownBound (Organic Hemp Suit Jacket)
Seersucker Suits
Hemp Suit
Linen Suits
Sale Tan Linen Suit

2. Wall Street visits Farm Sanctuary! Read the article Here (thanks to Dawnwatch for this newsbite)

Farm Sanctuary's 175-acre spread in Upstate New York is home to 750 animals, including Sprinkles the pig.

3.Right Wing Tiger-Beat?

My friend Esther Bell pointed me to the scary and inaccurate new tactics that some right wingers are using to scare kids about sex and abortion.

The publication is described by the Human Life Alliance as “this extremely marketable, cutting edge magazine will cause your friends to want to get their own copy. The colorful graphics will catch their attention, and the thought provoking stories and facts on the inside will challenge them to change the way they think about sex outside of marriage.”

These “facts” are actually (and not surprisingly) tons of misinformation cloaked in teen rhetoric. One example is a advice column type section with Dr. Mary Paquette, who she contends that abortion causes infertility, breast cancer and ruins girls lives. The feature also ends with a section called “My Choice,” where there is what seems to be a biographical note of a teen who put her baby up for adoption, saying, “I thank God every day that I don’t have to visit the memory of an aborted baby, the grave of an innocent life.”


May 18, 2008

The Farm Sanctuary Gala was amazing! Being with so many compassionate, wonderful people in one room was inspiring. I met my president, Dennis Kucinich, got felt up by Skinny Bitch: Rory Freedman, and ate amazing pastries from Vegan Treats!

Farm Sanctuary Gala 2008

Top Down: Joshua Katcher, Dennis Kucinich, Rory Freedman,
vegan treats cakes, Kevin Nealon, Melissa Fornabaio, Lisa Edelstein
Russell Simmons, Chloe Jo Berman (Girlie Girl Army), Jeremy Davis

I had the pleasure of producing a video for the Gala:

Thanks to Kaight Shop for my hot organic blazer and organic green shirt by Turk & Taylor! I also wore an organic tie by John Patrick Organic, thrift pants, and NOVOCAS Dennis Brown shoes. If you haven’t been to Kaight in the LES, definitely check it out. There is a nice sized organic menswear section!

Kaight Shop

Turk + Taylor: Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter 2008

March 16, 2008

Turk + Taylor‘s Spring 2008 collection is gorgeous! Mark Morris and I have been chatting a lot about everything from video art to ethical clothing production – something Turk +Taylor strives for. The Spring/Summer 2008 collection is full of organic cotton, sporty twill blazers, bingo shorts, pinstripes, bold colors, and slick details. Also, their blazers are lined with organic cotton, and much of the silk is ‘sustainable silk‘, taken only from abandoned cocoons (fear not, vegans).

Turk + Taylor Spring 08Turk + Taylor Spring 08
keno blazer, organic cotton twill, lined with organic cotton, white; bingo shorts, organic cotton twill,white; fußball shirt, organic cotton, yellow/gray stripe

You might just catch me wearing the pinstripe blazer below this spring. I think it’s very handsome. I also really like this photo-shoot. The images remind me that all of our constructions are bound to crumble and return to the earth. it also says that our home is falling apart. This planet’s ability to continue supporting human life is getting more and more fragile. Luckily, Turk +Taylor employ SSA (Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Animal Advocacy), so their footprint is much lighter.

Organic Blazerkeno blazer, hemp/cotton, lined with organic cotton,
indigo stripe; fußball shirt, organic cotton, navy purple

Turk + Taylor Spring 08
tetherball hoody, sustainable silk, fuscia.


Turk + Taylor Tshirt Spring 08

Turk + Taylor Spring 08

Turk + Taylor Tshirt Spring 08Turk + Taylor Tshirt Spring 08

These Turk + Taylor organic cotton Tshirts feature fresh retro-inspired art and bold colors.

The Autumn/Winter 2008 collection is equally gorgeous. The series features striking utility cuts with an almost entirely monochromatic palate of blue-gray accented with splashes of rusty plaids. Organic cotton is used throughout, and recycled wool is featured in many garments. I love the double-pocket on the utility dress shirt below:

Turk + Taylor Autumn 08
Turk + Taylor Autumn 08

From the top:
1. utility dress shirt, organic cotton, aqua/gray stripe
2.utility dress shirt, organic cotton, black stretch denim;trouser, recycled wool, teal
3. utility dress shirt, organic cotton, red shadow plaid

I expressed to Mark that I’m thrilled that they’re using recycled wool. Recycled anything means less resources are being extracted, and less polluting output is being released into the landbase. Because recycled wool is not ‘flashy’, unlike a vintage fur, there is less of a chance you could be held responsible for ‘promoting’ the look (and therefore; the sales) of new wool. I’d love to hear your opinions on this.

My Favorite of their Autumn tees is the Benazir Bhutto, olive organic cotton:
Benazir Bhutto tee

Tell your women-friends that Turk + Taylor also makes magical garments for them!

Turk + Taylor Spring 08 Ladies
Turk + Taylor Autumn 08 Ladies

Above: shuffleboard jumper, sustainable silk, light green/natural
Below: Snow angel blouse, organic cotton, gray; trouser, recycled wool, red; weekend bag, recycled wool & denim, organic cotton lining, black/red
If you want to place an order, please send an email to with the style and size desired. Find out which stores are carrying Turk + Taylor by clicking HERE.