Food Moovie, Veg Apps, & Earth Week Sale

April 20, 2009

These Neto Stripes, Plimadrille Shoes, Black High-tops, and Contrast Plimsoles are great for spring!

H by Hudson Neto Stripe Slip-On Shoes ASOS Plimadrille Shoes

Gram 383g High-Top Trainers ASOS Contrast Binding Plimsolls

FOOD, INC. is a film exposing the food industry’s dirty secrets:

In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that’s been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government’s regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation’s food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.

earthday_promo.jpgGilt Groupe’s Earthweek sales include Edun, Matt + Nat, Stella McCartney, Loomstate, and Stuart + Brown. Gilt Groupe is a website offering invitation-only sales of coveted and luxury fashion lines at discounts up to 70% off retail.

I am inviting all my readers to join. Simply click HERE.




Check out the VeganXpress app for your iPod/iPhone. It lets you know what is vegan at popular chain restaurants and fast-food places. If you’re ever stuck in the middle-of-nowhere, this could be quite the life-saver.




. you’ve never heard Ingrid Newkirk speak, this is a must. Listen to Ingrid’s speech at The International Non-violence Conference in Bethlehem in 2005. It is the first time anyone has been invited to speak on a non-human issue.

Green Fur? Green Wash!

February 16, 2009
Fur is Greed

Fur is Green? More like Fur is Greed. The fur industry is jealous of the environmental movement. Green with envy, in fact. This has resulted in the Greenwashing award of the decade going to the Canada Fur Council’s “Fur is Green” campaign, which includes a spiffy website, a Facebook group, and amazing rationalizations that make historical comparisons impossible to ignore!

There are so many ways to expose the ridiculousness behind their hairy agenda that I don’t know which one to start with! Ok, ok, I’ll start with the one where they call people wearing fur “Environmental Activists“. So Let me get this straight – according to the Fur Is Green Facebook group,  if you are a compassionate person who wants animals to be able to live out their lives in protected habitats and doesn’t want them to be bludgeoned, trapped, or drowned in the wild, or vaginally electrocuted, gassed, or to spend their entire lives in small cages, you are a “fanatic”. But if you rationalize those things under the guise of “supporting thousands of jobs”, while avoiding looking at or openly addressing the actual acts and images associated with fur production, and indulging in toxically peserved luxury products, you are an “environmentalist”? Therefore, according to the CFC, compassion and empathy is fanatical.

Fur Is Toxic.
Producing a fur coat from ranch-raised animals takes more than 15 times as much energy as it does to produce a faux-fur coat! In addition, runoff waste from fur farms destroys waterways, and the toxic chemicals used (ammonia, chromates, bleaching agents, coal tar derivatives, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, sulphides) to preserve the skins are also harming the environment. The fur industry has even lobbied governments in the Great Lakes area to maintain low water-quality standards—so that fur farms won’t be identified as major polluters. Wild trapping is no better,  indiscriminately catching whatever wanders into the trap – cats, dogs, endangered species – who are all thrown away after a miserable death.


I will be breaking a sacred rule of abuser-denial by making a historical comparison here (and they will be outraged at the audacity of my comparison): It was only 60 years ago that Ford Motor Company rationalized using Holocaust slave labor (my relatives) for car production. Yes, I know beavers are not Jews, and yes, I know that the Holocaust is not the fur industry – but the rationalizations used are the same. How could something so clearly terrible happen under our grandparents watch? Social atrocities don’t happen magically. They happen when people making money justify horrifying circumstances thoroughly enough to make them seem like “business as usual”.  The rationalizers avoid being compared to their predecessors at any cost. And they will continue to avoid these comparisons.

It seems there are always people who find ways to rationalize cruelty if there is money to be made – but to claim that your cruel and toxic industry is a workers’ advocacy, environmental, and “humane” industry is total doublethink!

The “FUR It’s MY CHOICE” poster from showcases the crux of the disconnect. Anyone who has a dog or a cat knows that animals are more than fiber-production-units. What about the individual animal’s choice to avoid sources of pain and torment? To roam free and raise their young? Clearly, that point can never be  addressed.

It’s pretty obvious that the purpose of this campaign is a desperate attempt from a dying industry to quell the doubts of inquisitive potential customers. The problem? The truth is hard to cover up.

Thankfully there are brilliant designers like Calvin Klein, Charlotte Ronson, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Benjamin Cho, Duckie Brown, Eddie Bauer, Guess?, H&M, Tommy Hillfiger, John Varvatos, Levi’s, Paul Frank, and people like Tim Gunn , Todd Oldham, Martha Stewart, Ellen Degeners and scores of other indistry professionals who are outspokenly anti-fur.

Fresh Friday Finds

August 21, 2008

1. Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization
Amazing article from Adbusters on the counter-cultural void that is Hipsterdom.

2. The Vegan Collection
Affordable, sweatshop-fee, vegan shoes for men. The Vegan Collection is versatile – dress it up with a suit, or go with a pair of jeans. They’re under $50, and 25% of profit goes to animal advocacy.

The Lincoln, The Vegan Collection
  • The Lincoln Black, The Vegan Collection
  • 3. Hey Alaska, Stop Murdering Wolves!

    As many Alaskans already learned via media reports, 14 one-month old wolf pups recently were killed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in a practice known as “denning”. Denning is the practice of killing wolves in or around their den, in this case by shooting them in the head. 14 adults were also killed. Please, as soon as possible, contact Alaska Governor Sarah Palin expressing your objections to this unethical and illegal decimation of Alaska’s wolf population.

    4. Green Depot
    Perhaps an alternative to Home Depot (formerly known for it’s use of old-growth timber, and now it rampant greenwashing – among other shady practices) can inspire people to consider the enviroment when making home repairs and adjustments. Green Depot promises to be a good steward…that is aside from those “eco-friendly” insect killers and wool rugs. Maybe the best solution is to just not buy anything new at all. Check out Build It Green in New York – an entirely recycled/thrift Depot-style, DIY store.

    click here to shop

    5. Vegan, Lesbian Hollywood Wedding!
    Newlyweds and newly-vegans Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi got married and had a totally vegan wedding featuring a vegan red velvet cake by Sweet Lady Jane. How was I not invited?

    Ellen & Portia's Wedding Album | Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi

    6. Fur Real?

    Gwyneth Paltrow recently turned stomachs when she appeared draped in fur and exotic skins in a campaign for Tod’s. The strangest thing about it is that she surrounds herself with vegan and vegetarian friends and family including her very own vegetarian husband Chris Martin of Coldplay. Friend Stella McCartney is pissed, Moby is pissed, and I am pissed too. Vaginally and anally electrocuting a struggling fox until it is dead is the furthest thing from sexy. Hey Gwyneth, you might want to brutally bludgeon and stomp my dog, then turn him into a giant set of furry ear-plugs to block out all the shit you’re gonna hear for doing this campaign.

    7. AuH2O

    New York’s East Village is home to the recycled eco-boutique AuH2O. They even do custom alternations on the spot with no charge!

    84 E. 7th St.
    (b/t 1st and 2nd Ave)
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 466-0844

    8. Star Wars’ Environmentalist Origin

    Derrick Jensen is an amazing, truthful, and brilliant writer. But comedian? Who knew? Derrick files his grievances with the ineffectiveness of “non-violent civil disobedience” and many other the useless hoops activists jump through to change those who are destroying the planet.

    9. Need a reason to boycott the Olympics? How about several reasons…?

    Title abstract image of the Adopt 2008 project

    A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms


    10. Olympic Judo Medalist is Vegan. NBA star is Vegetarian.

    Ronda Rousey

    I can’t tell you how many times people insist that it is not possible to be a veg athlete. Who was the first NBA player to win championships with three different teams? If you said John Salley, then bravo. But you know what else John Salley is? A vegetarian. Also, Beijing 2008 Gold Medalist Ronda Rousey, who is the first US woman to win an Olympic medal in Judo, is a vegan. Click here to learn about other veg athletes.

    Fashion Week Highlight: John Patrick Organic, Fall 2008

    February 11, 2008

    I crossed under the scaffolding on a wet, gray Friday to enter the Bryant Park Hotel where a small crowd had gathered by the elevator, chatting about everything from the rain outside to Hillary Clinton’s pants-suits. I wondered if we were all headed to the same show – I couldn’t imagine the typical fashion-week crowd, ambling around in their furs and expensive-logos, getting excited by anything “eco”. Funny thing was, that on any other winter it would be snowing as opposed to raining. February in New York is typically a slushy mess, but – as we know – our planet is changing – and, being a physical part of it, so must we.

    JPO Vest

    Once inside the loft, a simple set of raw, wooden benches with recycled felt cushions lined the sides of the runway. The lighting was bright and sunny, and the room was getting packed. John Patrick ran around, saying hello to everyone and offering water. “You’re the one with the blog!” he said to me. “I grow my own organic cotton in the Peruvian jungle, and I recycle wool. I have offices in three different countries and I don’t even use computers!” He must have had some coffee. A suited DJ with classic Ray-Bans readied the turn-tables.

    Apparently, John Patrick has mastered the art of turning old bed sheets into chic shirts, using harmless and natural dyes, and like Bono’s ‘Edun’, ORGANIC is comprehensive in it’s approach to labor. He travels around the world, training his factory workers to mill the organic crop into fibers and to maintain sustainable, local cottage hand-production industries.


    The menswear featured on the runway had a casual and bucolic, private-school feel. John Patrick’s home in the Hudson River Valley surely played a role in inspiring these rustic looks from the recycled wool herringbone pants and recycled alpaca, storm-dust gray, short-tie to the organic cotton and recycled-wool, kelp-green vest. Another highlight was a gorgeous, organic jungle-cotton henley.

    We talked briefly about our common taste for folk-rock, his work methodology, and his motivations. “We make sexy, modern organic clothes for the sexy, modern organic world…to look at ORGANIC and see only clothes is to miss the point: the clothes reflect a lifestyle. To wear them is to vote for the radically modern concept that luxury isn’t about stuff, it’s about integrity.”

    JPO4 While we disagree in some areas, specifically on the use of new wool and leather (aside form recycled wool, which I have no problem with, he uses new ‘organic’ Vermont wool and vegetable-tanned cow skin), our vision for a paradigm shift within the industry is mostly united. More and more, the symbology of ‘cool’ and ‘luxury’ is changing, albeit a resistance of status-quo financial interests, and continual waves of color-by-number designers, stylists, and writers who haven’t been exposed to anything but a traditional and dangerous ideology of garment production and it’s equally dangerous iconography.

    Let’s be honest; prototypical fashion designers do not concern themselves with ethical issues of ecologicalJPO3 sustainability, social responsibility, and animal exploitation. Some do, however – recently, fur seems to have made a come-back, and even while a psudo-defiant celebration of infantile self-gratification seems to overwhelm the fashion industry’s most influential – there is a growing rebellion that has yet to be embraced as the true calling of the iconoclast. Designers such as Vivian Westwood, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Benjamin Cho, Charlotte Ronson, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Comme des Garçons, Linda Loudermilk, Jay McCarroll, Richard Chai and Marc Bouwer have all banned fur from their designs. Michael Kors and Donna Karen, take note. For more on fur, click here.

    Furthermore, organizations like the ICC, UN, and ILO provide standards in working towards sustainability and social justice.
    >> Go to ILO

    There is a new generation of people (not ‘consumers’) who really care about where their clothes come from and what lives they affect. The important thing is that SSA (Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Animal Advocacy) is no longer just a noble concept to put into action – it is literally crucial for the very existence of the fashion industry.

    DB’s Etiquette Recommendation: We live on a finite planet (that means there are limits, not infinite resources) and the typical production model for fashion and most other industries is a linear one. All things considered, common sense tells us this is bound to self-destruct. Watch this video to get a better understanding. It’s high time for the rest of the fashion industry to evolve or die off. The stakes are high, but the reward is the sustenance of fashion itself.

    Check back soon for my interview with John Patrick.

    *Photos courtesy of Paper Magazine