August 11, 2009


I just finished devouring a plate of char-lined, grilled sweet corn smothered with pico de gallo oil, mashed herbed potatoes with wild mushroom gravy, and grilled apple-sage grain-sausage kebabs with shallots, apple cubes, zucchini and smokey maple barbecue sauce. The protein, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and phytochemicals are all  surging through my bloodstream, replenishing, building muscle, and sustaining my bones, organs and various tissues – especially the defining male appendage that requires clear, healthy veins and arteries to stand at attention. This is not enough, however, to keep me from being emasculated by my meal.


Growing up, and even as adults, we are often told to do certain things “like men”. Be EatLikeManNotRabbita man! Act like a man! This phenomenon can basically be summarized as a call to toughen up, hide or mask any sort of sensitivity, and show no signs of weakness. I’ve seen a father reprimand his son for crying over a scraped knee, “Stop crying! Be a man!” I’ve heard the story of a friend who, at six years old, stood sobbing, finger on the trigger, as his father whispered coldly in his ear “Just shoot the goddamn deer. Don’t you wanna be a man?” Stoicism – that invaluable Greek paragon of virtue, could be one of the most sought-after states of existence for the civilized man. Unaffected, unreadable – perpetually poker-faced and methodically effective. And so we must “eat like men“, too.

Doing it like rabbits” flatters a man’s virility, yet eating a diet that supports that same rabbit’s virility is lampooned.

How do rabbits eat? They carefully chew Vegetation. Strangely, no man scoffs at being compared to a rabbit when it comes to sex. “Doing it like rabbits” flatters a man’s virility, yet eating a diet that supports that same rabbit’s virility is lampooned. Instead, we consume entire animals with superstitious hopes of appropriating their strengths. The cover of September 2009’s Esquire Magazine proclaims “Eat Like A Man” and leads to a  sixteen-page cover-story entitled “How Men Eat”. It is a total meat-fest. A cheesy, eggy, frat party wrapped in bacon and bathed in blood. From Coca-Cola Brined Chicken to a three-meat-plus-bones gravy, and even to Jujubes:

“People Whine about some of them being made from dead horses… but they don’t know the Jujube eater’s darkest secret: By consuming dead horses we’re taking their power and virility and making it our own. Eating Jujubes is like eating powdered rhino horn or seal penis without any of the messy sociopolitical ramifications or bureaucratic hassle. Look! It’s just candy…. a candy that can be eaten in pin-drop quiet… without recrimination from wives or healthniks… We’ll eat our jujubes…in determined silence, growing ever stronger, until one day we will rise with the thunder of a thousand of those same dead horses, our bellies hard-packed with their souls and gelatin and out teeth stained by their blood, and we will trample your pesticide-free fields, an army of raging stallions once again. – Chris Jones “The Only Candy A Man Should Eat” Esquire Magazine Sept 2009

So many men are afraid of being seen as compassionate. Because, on a deep level, it’s logic and objectivism that are truly put at risk by emotion – and thus, control itself. At least, this is what is conventionally perceived. Emotions are a far cry from being logical – they can’t be measured or mapped. There is no emotional stock market or well-being index; how would one measure compassion, love, hatred or indifference? As for our food, animals can not be seen by most men as sentient beings – they are units of production; being such they able to be controlled and manipulated, stripped of identity, wholly consumed.Picture 1

Vegetarianism may occupy the moral high ground, but among men it’s regarded as, if not a girl thing, then at least a girlie thing — an anemic regimen for sensitive souls subsisting on rabbit food and tofurkey. Meanwhile, meat eating persists as a badge of masculinity, as if muscle contained a generous helping of testosterone, with the aggression required to slay a mammal working its way up the food chain” – Holly Brubach New York Times Blog, 9/3/2008

Is masculinity a roadblock to sustainability? Compassion, mercy, empathy and the like are all red flags, warning others that you cave in under the weight of empathy.  Following through and getting the job done are put at serious risk when emotions are added into the equation.  Men so often strive to be emotionless in this culture – because a man’s worth is measured by his ability to get the job done. Shoot the animal. Bring home the bread. Launch the missle. Cut open the cat’s head to observe, objectively, the workings therein. Of course women also participate in these activities – on a smaller scale – but living in a patriarchal culture places the source of power in the traditional definitions of masculinity. Few would argue that the stereotype of women as being more in touch with emotions is based in total fallacy, and few would argue that feminists fight incredibly against the discriminatory belief that emotion is a detriment to effectiveness.campbells_soup_formenonly_1940s1

Mean eat power. They eat the things that they hope to be: muscle. It is a delusional relationship, and a destructive one at that. To worsen matters, diets heavy in meat and dairy have been linked to erectile dysfunction. Now that’s not too manly. What is manly, is becoming the hero who considers the personal and global implications of raising and consuming animals for food, and who acts to do something about it.

Allan Benton of Smokey Moutain Country Hams (in his interview with Esquire) lastly remarks as a punch line, ” I take my Crestor like everybody else.” Not me Allan. Not me.

DBTV: Plant Strong! Texas Firefighter, Rip Esselstyn of “The Engine 2 Diet”

June 15, 2009

Rip Esselstyn lives in Texas. He’s a firefighter, a triathlete, and author of the book “The Engine 2 Diet“, which started out as a 28-day challenge to lower the cholesterol of his fire crew (some with digits in the 340s!), and ended up giving them all (and hundreds of other Austin, Texas firefighters) much more than they bargained for! I chatted with Rip the other day about his book and how it’s changing people’s lives in under 30 days. We talked about everything from amazing pizza recipes, to boners, sports and manliness. Check it out:

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Get the book!


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DB Interviews: Vegan Triathlete BRENDAN BRAZIER

April 13, 2009

Professional Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier is dispelling myths faster than a speeding bullet. He is a superman of sorts, and his empire of books, supplements, energy products and vegan handsomeness is not to be taken lightly – because as far as the stopwatches are concerned, faster and stronger is simply that. I chatted with Brendan recently about being a vegan athlete, nutrition, his new book, and how we can all learn to thrive. Listen to our conversation: bars

Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer - Large Family


SPRING 08 STYLE REPORT: Slim Lounge, Urban Sport & Back to Nature

January 30, 2008

by DB Style Director, Jodi Taylor

Jodi Taylor DB Special Comment: Jodi Taylor is a fashion designer and stylist living in New York City. She is also my roommate and business partner in our vegan, organic, dinner party catering company “Savory & Seed”. Her comprehensive Spring 2008 Men’s fashion report serves as evidence of her fashion expertise and as a tool to inspire fashion decisions based on current trends.

* NOTE: Many of the runway images used in this report are for inspirational purposes only, as the designers use leather , fur, and wool products.

Springtime is always refreshing. Shedding the heavy winter jacket and lightening up the wardrobe with new spring looks can make you feel like a dapper gent.

This spring, my three favorite looks are Slim Lounge, Urban Sport & Back to Nature. All of these themes are easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe. Choose the one that suits you the best so you feel comfortable and confident…you want to own the style not vice versa. Here is how to keep up with the seasons top trends while staying squeaky-green!


Givenchy spring 2008Valentino Spring 08

  • For this style, think 70’s lounge meets gangster with a little rock & roll .
  • Wear a 3-piece suit relaxed, and unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt.
  • Don’t be afraid of the ascot or a slim light cotton scarf. If you need a little help tying your tie or scarf click HERE.
  • Try mixing a subtle print and texture as well as vintage pieces to your collection.
  • Go thrifting and look for pieces to add to your wardrobe like a printed polo or a slim fit button up.
  • If you wear a tie, do it skinny, easy to get vintage.

The 70’s lounge look is a little tricky, don’t overdo it otherwise it will end up looking a little too theatrical.

The color palette for this look should be subdued. Chose smooth and charismatic colors that will go from day to night; charcoals and shades of gray, navy, black and khaki. Add a little warmth to your ensemble with a muted lavender or teal.

Stay subtle in color and pattern, but combine it with a two-tone suit or a printed shirt under a plain vest or blazer to make a statement. Classic black & white also works for this look and is a simple solution that’s always in.

Etro Sping 2008

key items for this look:

  • crisp button up with a more pronounced collar
  • fitted slacks & blazer that give you a slim silhouette
  • white jeans
  • printed polo shirts
  • loafers
  • tapered white pants

How to get it:

The jacket and vest – I love this Dogtooth shawl collar waistcoat and skinny blazer, both 100% cotton at Topman.

WaistcoatSkinny Blazer

If you can’t find your 70’s style button up shirt vintage try this organic us made button down collar shirt at Boll Organic. I also recommend Ted Baker and Paul Smith for the best fit and hottest look.. don’t freak out – they’re worth the price!

The printed polo – For the cool pastel print polo to wear with your black skinny jeans and plimsoles, get the placement print polo shirt at

Printed Polo

Must have the Hot skinny jeans – Acne makes a great beige pair available at Or for more texture I like these white painted jeans from

Acne Jeanspainted jeans

For the shoes I recommend these Brown faux wingtips or loafers by NOHARM, sharp! Buys these babies on Togged.

NOHARM wingtips

If you need a bag, like I do, complete the look with this faux-leather “Dirty Harry” briefcase by Matt & Nat.

Dirty Harry


Admen spring 2008


Spring is for Sport and getting in shape, so lets prep it up with comfy style and small pops of color. Think street sport meets country club. Achieve this look with casual knits paired with technical fabric pieces and carefully selected accessories. This easy to wear style is inspired by tennis, soccer and is a fusion of tough meets refined.

  • layers and neutral base colors are key for this look
  • tees and polos with trim, cropped, cotton trousers
  • track jackets over washed button ups with scarves & gloves
  • don’t forget a little aristocratic embellishment like a coat of arms patch or pin but do it vintage and apply it yourself for the best results!

This look definitely requires the right attitude, so wear the mood along with the look.

The colors for this look are the basic neutrals: black, gray, khaki and white used in combination with small pops of color that make the look, like deep red, blue, and yellow.

Essential items for this look:

  • wind breaker
  • crop pants
  • track jackets
  • no sox or ankle sox
  • tennis shoes, shorts
  • fun accessories like the fingerless gloves
  • sheer textural summer scarf

How to get it:

I suggest you put this look together with these must-have items.

The Polo – Get this handsome fair trade, organic cotton slim fit “Jaguar Polo” at Adili.

Fair Trade Polo

The Wind Breaker – “Rasta Rain Coat” from the eco-friendly skaters at ipath.

Wind Breaker

The track jacket – This 100% organic cotton loomstate track jacket is great, get it at the greenloop. I also suggest the Hemp track Jacket available at ipath.

LoomstateHemp Track Jacket

The Pants and Shorts – Wear the tapered cotton trousers with a crisp or messy cuff. The cotton, ‘Pringle of Scotland’ pants are at Saks. The crop pant is more affordable at Topman. Get great navy seersucker shorts or if you would rather gray cut off sweat- shorts both cotton and both available at RPM Clothing. (Remember, cutoff sweats are cheap and easy to make yourself!)

Pringle of Scotland Cropped Trousers

SeersuckerCutoff Shorts

The tee – Choose from Edun’s wide selection of organic tees, I like the “Cameo” & “twisted tree” avaliable from Edun.

Tree TeeEdun Tee - Cameo

The Scarf – I love this white checker, light weight cotton “Wem” scarf at equip, or just get it from the street vendors on St Marks place if you’re in New York.

Wem Scarf

The shoes – We saw chrome lace-ups on the runway for spring from Gucci.

Gucci Chrome

You can work this look with the vegan slim shoe like the lace up canvas “plimsole” in silver or white from Asos.

Silver PlimsolesWhite Plimsole

Boat Shoe – On the Gucchi Spring ’08 runway, we also saw these sporty, nautical themed shoes:

Gucci BoatGo for the original (and vegan) classics at Sperry Top-Sider. Also available in white & khaki.  *READER JASON informs us these have leather laces!! Yuck! steer clear.


The Gloves – Yellow cotton fingerless gloves can complete the look, get them at topman.

Yellow Fingerless

The Bag – this vegan white tote is where it’s at for sporty style “Dunlap Retro Bag” available at topman, or this PVC-free, vegan Parapete canvas and gun-metal chrome tote at Amazon.

PVC Retro Bag Parapete Tote


Helmut Lang Spring 2008


Take winter into spring with this seemingly effortless look…being green has never been so trendy. This season the raw, organic, recycled look is in with an influence of military styling.

  • Be slightly disheveled, push up your sleeves don’t iron the shirt; relax because it just adds character.
  • Go for oversize jackets, linen pants & raw denim.
  • Feel complete in soft jersey henleys & the broken in button up.
  • Accessorize with wooden prayer beads, ethnic scarves with coins and other worldly charms that you find along the way.

The color palette for this style is elegant, yet rugged – let the palette and textures of your wardrobe reflect the variegations and subtleties in nature and the city. Neutral & weathered gray, pale green & khaki work well and let you be a part of the city and nature at the same time.

The must have items are:

  • the worn in blazer or coat
  • the perfect long sleeve henley
  • the linen cargo pant
  • the ethnic scarf
  • prayer beads
  • a cool, conscious attitude

How to get the look:

Synchronize the style with the following items;

The Jacket – This piece will transition from winter to spring perfectly – “Warsaw” trench in olive, 100% cotton, or go for a lighter jacket like the Nice collective “Event Jacket” both available @

Warsaw TrenchEvent Jacket

The organic tee – hooded, washed & ready to go, get this shark gray cotton hoodie by NSF at Barneys.

organic hooded tee

The Linen Pant – give your legs some omega 3’s with this organic cotton/linen(AKA flax) pant from Edun. The “shillingford” military pants available at Saks:

Organic Linen (flax) pant.

Organic Jeans – These Nudie, dry-aged organic jeans are a hit, get em at Tobi.

Nudie Organic

The Scarf – deep red check, light weight cotton summer scarf at topman, or if you live in New York, just get it from the street vendors on St Mark’s Place for cheap.

Mini check

The Beads – Support Tibetan artisans while relaxing and chanting your mantra of choice with this Dark bodhi Seed Mala necklaces at dharmashop.


The Bag – Feed Hungry children around the world with this cool “feed” tote that matches your style at

Feed ChidrenFeed Chidren

Hi-Top Sneaks & Low-Brow Eats

January 19, 2008

Spring is coming and John Fluevog Men’s Shawn Hi-Tops and Adams are pretty sweet. Totally vegan, synthetic leather details with a crepe rubber sole – these shoes are creeper-inspired and were made using water-based glues. That’s good eco-news to me. On sale right now on at Habitat Shoe Store or Zappos !

John Fluevog Men's Shawn Hi-ToptanGreen

Other vegan styles from John Fluevog at Zappos:




If you are ever in Brooklyn drinking until 1:30 am, and you get that drunk-hunger, Foodswings – masters of indulgant vegan junk-food – are open until 2am on Friday and Saturday, 12am on weekdays (closed Monday). Thats right – drown your drunken sorrows in soy milkshakes, buffalo sauce, or gravey-drenched french-fries. Sometimes, there’s nothing better! Menu.

DB’s Etiquette Recommendation: It’s only ok to get grease on your shirt at the END of the night. Just make sure you share your fries and tip generously. Nothing is worse than a stingy drunk.

See TimeOut NY’s Review here.

The Quest for Classic, Vegan Men’s Shoes

January 14, 2008

by Joshua Katcher

I am not going to talk about sneakers here.

It’s almost impossible to find really well-made, stylish and classic mens’ shoes and boots that are also vegan. We don’t have a Stella McCartney or a Natalie Portman making amazing shoes for us like they do for the ladies – but clearly, the materials to work with are out there. I’d love to see some men’s 16-eye waxed canvass boots, or a vegetan frye-style boot with reclaimed-wood soles, or a simple, sheik camper-style boot with a thin, subtle sole – so for those of you who work in men’s fashion, spread the word and get to work!

When shopping for shoes, guys, four important things to look for are:

  1. Simplicity: you should strive to appear effortless, like you didn’t try too hard.
  2. Style: is it a trendy throw-away or a classic keeper? Aim for investing in classics, they’ll treat you well.
  3. Craftsmanship: will it fall apart on the third time wearing it? It might cost more, but it will last long.
  4. Impact: who made it, how and where was it made, and are you OK with that? Avoid sweatshops and hazardous materials by doing your homework and reading labels.

Generally speaking, here is a list of materials used to produce faux-leather. Most of these are ‘vegetan’ products which are up to 80% biodegradable. Others are petroleum products, so it might be better than tanning chemicals used in dead animal leather, but still not eco-friendly. Vegetan, hemp and canvass are the ways to go if ecology is your main concern. Why should we be wearing vegan shoes guys? Find out HERE.

One of my biggest complaints about finding good vegan boots is the way they look! Payless fails miserably not only in their labor practices but in the styles of men’s non-leather shoes. Orthotic grandpa shoes and work boots are the general mens’ selection there. It’s a shame, because they have some really nice women’s styles – but again – it’s all made overseas in bad conditions using petro-products or cheap leather. Payless should be a last resort. Personally, and ethically – I would buy vintage or thrift anything before a new Payless product.


I own ”Vegetarian Shoes Airseal Engineers Boot’and the sole is so chunky and ugly that I feel like I just joined a 1996 industrial-goth band.

Vegetarian Shoes Airseal Engineers Boot

I have plans to get the sole replaced by something a bit more sleek. The vegetan micro-fiber is really great, however. It’s sturdy, supple, and it breathes.

As of yet, the best classic men’s shoe I have come across is the classic ‘Dennis Brown’ by NOVACAS.

Dennis Brown, NOVACAS at

The sole is sleek (finally!), the faux suede is supple, and the shoe itself is effortless. This is definitely a versatile basic that looks great with almost anything – tight jeans, suit pants, or sock-less with summer shorts. The ‘Dennis Black’ is also a nice variation .

Dennis Black

If you need a versatile, basic shoe that’ll take you a few seasons into the future, go with this one.

A nice look right now is a tight-fitting pant or jean tucked into a half-laced 16 eye boot (only lace 8 eyes up, and let the tongue hang out. EXAMPLE: Look at the man in the green boots:

From left, John Varvatos jeans with Peal & Company shoes from Brooks Brothers; Cheap Monday stretch jeans with Polo Ralph Lauren deck shoes; Cheap Monday jeans tucked into John Varvatos suede boots; Cloak selvage denim with Converse sneakers; a Tsubi high-waist style with Acne ankle boots.
The leather ones are not veg, but keep these styles in mind.From left, John Varvatos jeans with Peal & Company shoes from Brooks Brothers; Cheap Monday stretch jeans with Polo Ralph Lauren deck shoes; Cheap Monday jeans tucked into John Varvatos suede boots; Cloak selvage denim with Converse sneakers; a Tsubi high-waist style with Acne ankle boots.

Xcap Boot

The best vegan boot I’ve found is the XCap.

The sole is not obnoxious, the faux-patent steel cap is clean and certainly badass – and best of all, this boot was featured in a porno flick, so it might just get you laid. This boot outdoes every other vegan combat-style boot I’ve seen. Oh, and it’s described as ‘macho‘.

Stable Boot

Some of my favorites to keep your eye on from UK’s ‘Vegetarian Shoes’ are the Airseal Stable Boot. The sole is not terrible, but still worth whining just a little about – it’s clear and just not elegant.

Alpha Boot

For you punkish hipsters, check the Alpha Boot. These are slick and understated – just like you, right?


Let’s talk eco-shoes. Most of what I’ve looked at seems so forced and intentionally hippie – or looks like a five-year-olds’ shoe – in size 11. Ecolutions men’s shoes have two of the more appealing eco-vegan shoes I’ve seen.


My two favorites are the Oxford and the Humboldt. They both come in natural and obsidian. Again, my biggest gripe is the ugly sole.

Seriously, people – who is designing these soles?! It’s a conspiracy…

We know what good shoes look like, we know they can be made well – both materially and ethically – and we know there is a demand. Someone can and will make it happen…. but guys, we’re going to have to wait until someone steps up to the plate. Batter up!

Have a question about men’s fashion? Ask me by posting a comment!
Joshua Katcher is an artist and lifestyle-television producer living in Brooklyn.