May Contest: MATT & NAT!

May 1, 2009

picture-2Holy crap! I am so excited for our May contest. I wish I could enter it myself, but it makes me almost as happy to be able to give something like this away to one of our lucky, loyal readers. If you don’t know Matt & Nat yet, where the heck have you been? Read our interview with the creative genius behind the line, Inder Bedi, and find out why everyone from fashion icons to celebs go ga-ga for his jaw-dropping vegan and eco-friendly accessories.

You can win this $350 bag, Blockhead, in a few simple steps:

  1. Upload a video of yourself to Youtube explaining why you would never wear the skin of another animal, (click HERE for some tips) and what you think of The Discerning Brute and Matt & Nat. HINT! Creativity and humor are held in high-regard here at DB headquarters. Any format is acceptable, from songs to animations to annoying diatribes.
  2. Send us the link to The Subject line must read: MAY CONTEST: Matt & Nat (otherwise it may get trashed). Inder and The Discerning Brute crew will decide the winner, and not only will you will win the bag, your video will be featured on The Discerning Brute, as well as Matt&Nat’s blog!
  3. Include your name, what you do, and contact info so that we can send the bag your way.
  4. Deadline is May 30th.
  5. The winner will be announced on the blog June 1st.


Grey vegan canvas handbag with 100% recycled blue faux suede lining, tone on tone stitching, antique silver hardware, and MATT & NAT logo bar. The Blockhead features 2 main compartments with top zipper closure and 1 external zipper pocket on front. Interior includes zip pocket, cell phone and PDA pockets and 3 pen holders. Comes with detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.

Win a Gift from MATT & NAT for Ragging on the Fur Council!

April 3, 2009

Does it get any better than this? Matt & Nat,  creators of amazing vegan accesories for men & women, is having a contest! The  10 BEST letters written to the Fur Council of Canada about the idiocy behind their Fur Is Green campaign will win a prize.

The Directions are Simple:
Email your letter to (CC: and tell them your thoughts on their ludicrous campaign, the top 10 letters will win a thank you package from MATT & NAT.

DB’s Advice:
Research any claims you make in your letter, don’t make any threats, and be creative and articulate!

Faux Ever: Inder Bedi of Matt & Nat

July 20, 2008

Eight years ago, a designer with a penchant for architecture, subculture, and bold ethics launched MATT & NAT – a line of vegan accessories that is unabashedly tearing down any notion that you can’t be fashion-forward and an environmentalist. Anyone who is only one or the other might just be lazy.

Inder Bedhi (Matt & Nat)

Inder Bedhi (Matt & Nat)

Inder Bedi, the brain in which MATT & NAT both reside – and the 34 year old discerning brute whose headquarters are in Montreal, makes no apologies for his commitment to animal advocacy and environmentalism. His accessories are always totally vegan, and are increasingly made from recycled and sustainable materials.



The fact that the new fall 2008 lines are gorgeously-serious, structured, edgy, and modish is enough to make anyone do a triple-take as you walk by – but compound that with the fact that these accessories consist of treated cardboard, recycled soda bottles, and vintage faux-leather and it’s a recipe for handsome ethics.

Like Marshall McLuhan, MATT & NAT isn’t just the bag; it’s the message. Discreetly or proudly, to carry the bag is to carry the message. The Fall 08 collection takes its cues from menswear with a deep color palette, emphasis on heavy hardware, and a narrowed focus on larger all-use carryalls. Such a focused collection makes a bold statement. No other line says it quite as strongly as CARTON. With the success of spring 08’s experimentation in eco-fabrics, MATT & NAT is now exploring the world of paper. CARTON is fabricated from treated cardboard and retails for $150 – $295. Featuring vintage synthetic leather trims, bags are available in either black or natural, with the choice of mix-copper or antique silver hardware. The line is unique, powerful, and for those wanting to make a statement. There’s no question about it, CARTON is progressive, both in design & fabrication.

Andro Carton

Ando Carton

Perfect for those cold winter days, FEUTRE is a line of heather gray felt bags entirely void of animal by-products retailing for $225 – $295. A first for MATT & NAT, the felt is 100% recycled water bottles. Bags are available in a choice of two trims: coffee or cement gray Japanese paper with lead-free copper hardware and a dark tonal lining. Masculine, distinct, and bound to be a classic, FEUTRE is minimalism at its best. Another first this season, BELTS. Made from synthetic leather, the line is comprised of traditional unisex hip belts that retail for $100 – $135. What sets these belts apart are the buckles in varying metals. Industrial in look, with oversized screw accents, BELTS iterate the design elements of the collection, and reinforce MATT & NAT as an avant-garde.

Junk Feutre

Junk Feutre

I had a few moments to interview Inder, here is our conversation:

DB: What is your inspiration for the upcoming collections?
IB: Architecture, cinema and music

DB: How did Matt & Nat come to be?
IB: A desire to put out a vegan line that represents balance between the two voices in my head (matt & nat), the voices that we hear all day that inevitably lead to the decisions we make every second…matt & nat strives to balance us as people as well as the worlds of fashion and positivity.

DB: Who are some of your celebrity fans?
IB: Nathalie Portman, Woody Allen, Heather Mills, Eva Mendes, Charlize Theron.

Ando Feutre

Ando Feutre

DB: How has fashion affected the green movement, and vice versa?
IB: Fashion has placed pressure on green to be more sexy (Kelly Green?), the green movement has asked fashion to be more responsible….weird question for me…been doing this since 1997…

DB: Does Matt & Nat have an official position on using skins, feathers, and fur? If so, why?
IB: matt & nat doesn’t….but I do…which inevitably effects matt & nat, it’s a fashion forward line of accessories that will always be vegan…



DB: What is your biggest concern with the fashion industry right now?
IB: The extremes of ethical fashion and unethical fashion and the lack of lines in between.

DB: Are there any accessories you want to make that you haven’t been able to include in a collection yet?
IB: Belts, soon!

Matt and Nat Mens Bags

Kahn Carton

DB: Why should every fashionisto & fashionista care where their accessories come from, what they’re made of, and who makes them?
IB: Because we vote with our dollars, whether we like it or not.

DB: What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you as a designer? And the best?
IB: Took many years before matt & nat got noticed – best and worst thing.
DB: Fill in the blanks: Every single person should make a dramatic change in their life at least once a year. Cool is doing it before it’s done, Chic is not in my vocabulary.



Vogue & Mens Accessories

May 6, 2008

1. The Mens Store at Matt & Nat offers by far, the best selection of well-made veg and eco mens’ accessories that I have seen to date. My favorite bag is the Kravitz Brazen:

Also check out these handsome, cruelty-free adornments:

2. Vogue attempted to do an article about Mens’ green fashion in their March issue. The article, “Good to be Green” gave friend of DB, John Patrick of Organic, a big shout-out (Yay Patrick!). Bramfod & Sons, Loomstate, and Earnest Sewn are mentioned, and whispers of the green capsule line from Theory are discussed, but clearly they didn’t have me writing the article or it would have been much more thorough…(pats self on back). The deal on Theory is:

“…Theory is excited to announce our first-ever organic collection for Summer 2008. Made from certified organic materials, the capsule collection includes 24 styles–jackets, dresses, knitwear and more. Theory’s organic collection will be available at Theory retail stores Barney’s New York, and Holt Renfrew, and shortly to follow at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman in May.”