Prelovers, Superfoods, Fur Foibles, & Veganic Farming

February 24, 2009

from the left: Shelley Whelan - Montreal Retail Manager & Rep, Julia Grieve - Founder & CEO, Colin Seymour - Toronto Retail Manager & Rep

From the left: Shelley Whelan - Montreal Retail Manager & Rep, Julia Grieve - Founder & CEO, Colin Seymour - Toronto Retail Manager & Rep

PRELOVED held their first US in-store event on Sunday evening at the Greenpoint, Brooklyn boutique, ALTER. The Spring ‘o9 collection is made entirely of reclaimed items like bed sheets, shirts, suiting, and even curtains! These items would otherwise end up in a landfill, and have been reconstucted into really gorgeous garments for ladies and gentalmen, alike. Founder and CEO,  Julia Grieve told me that she never intended to be an environemntalist, she just liked working with reclaimed fabrics. But now, as Preloved heads to the forefront of the green-fashion movement, she realized the importence and gravity of making sustainability ‘cool’. Nothing says sustainable like turning trash into gorgeous, head-turning garments. You won’t find find any granola on their runway!

The Zuri Tee $169.00 at ALTER

The line does include wool, but it is recycled from old sweaters that would otherwise be garbage. I’m not going to be complaining about it. Hopefully this trend will catch on, and with styles as awesome as the Zuri Tee, who can resist?

ALTER consists of two boutiques across the street from eachother in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Owned and operated by Roy Caires and Tommy Cole, they carry a great selection of eco and veg-friendly items incuding their own repurposed line “This Old Thing?” as well as Matt & Nat accessories, Melissa shoes, and they have more coming! ALTER is carrying the women’s collecion for Preloved currently, and will be carring the men’s collection within a few weeks.

Speaking of Matt & Nat, I love their new vegan, canvas, Bauhaus bag with 100% recycled lining.canvas-men_lo bauhaus_2

gg125x125.jpgGirlie Girl Army shows us how to get superpowers from superfoods! This is a 101 for anyone who wants to know the basics of the superfood phenomenon! This is for dudes too! Wanna stop chugging sugary, milk-protein-laden workout ‘food’ and get a longer-lasting, healthy high for that extra curl, press, or pull-up? Try these foods! Also, if you didn’t hear Chloe’s sexy visit to the boys at Hot97, click here.

Veganic farming is wha…? Veganic farming takes organic farming and brings it to it’s logical conclusion. Who wants to eat organic potatoes that grew in factory-farm feces and blood? Ugh..  the vegan permaculture movement is taking hold! The Huguenot Street Farm in New Paltz, NY is one successful example. Check out their funny video here, and stay tuned for more updates on the veganic farming movement:

FICA is full of it. The ‘Fur Information Council of America’ insists that fur is the “natural, responsible choice“.


If you’ve already started rolling your eyes or laughing, you are not alone. In WWD, for the final day of NY Fashion Week (The Feb 20th, 2009 issue), FICA paid for an ad that was disguised as a part of the paper to make it seem as though fur garments were heavily talked-about in the publication.


In fact, aside from one shawl by Issac Mizrahiny, there wouldn’t have been any fur in the publication that day. Boo hiss to Issac for his hideous new fur collection. Also watch his attempt to lose weight eating “vegan” M&Ms.


"Peanut M&M's are vegan" ...right

Robert Verdi PictureAlso boo, hiss to TV Host and supposed ‘style expert’, Robert Verdi who I spotted in the lobby, surrounded by plastic fur-hags, wearing this atrocious hood (Did his Court-Dress wig fall back, or was he going for the evil Skeksis look?).

Skeksis from "The Dark Crystal"

Tim Gunn should give them both a stern talking-to in the ways of educated and compassionate elegance. The only way to look like a bigger jerk is to have tan-lines in the shape of aviators on your head. Oh wait…

What I love (and by love, I mean hate) about FICA’s pretty-in-pink website is the total avoidance of ever mentioning an animal oustside of abstractions like “species” or “populations”. If they did acknowlegde that individual animals with brains and nervous systems existed, they’d have to follow through with logic that would contradict their reference of animals as “natural resources” to be used “responsibly”. I won’t even make the historical comparisons, you can do that yourself.

Pointers, Alters and Sustainers

January 4, 2009


The Black Carnaby from Vegetarian Shoes UK looks like any pointy oxford you’d see on the runway. The difference is that this  shoe is made from eco and animal-friendly vegetan, as opposed to someone’s toxically-preserved skin.

One of our favorite shops, Alter, is having a big sale on everything fall 08. There are tons of animal-friendly options, and everything is up to 70% off! For example, this Spiewalk Cotton-Moleskin jacket with Thinsulate lining is only $155, and will keep you warm for the next four months!

Another great place to stop by is the new and imporved Sustainable NYC shop. They’ve got a cafe, now – with lots of veg options (not sure why everything isn’t vegan). Also make sure to check out their online store.

We Can Love You Again: Preloved

January 23, 2008

Our friend Tommy Cole (Alter, This Old Thing?) pointed out the awesome creations from those crazy Canadians at the label Preloved. The name is exactly how it sounds. All of their garments are born of thrift, vintage fabrics and previously-loved articles.

DB’s Etiquette Recommendation: This past fall Preloved recycled over 60,000 sweaters to create their fall clothing. That saves more than a few sheep from being sheared, cows dismembered, and ecosystems pillaged. Anything that requires almost no new materials has much less impact on the integrity of ecosystems. Even organic cotton and bamboo still requires new raw materials to be extracted from the earth – and while the ecological footprint is smaller, it’s still not as sustainable as recycling. So what’s greener than turning used rags into new riches? Shop thrift and re-purpose as often as possible.

Sweater Jacket

Tommy Cole (Alter, This Old Thing?) says: We just returned from the Bread & Butter trade show in Barcelona, Spain and there was a HUGE presence of “green” fashion and sustainable stuff. Pre Loved is from Canada. (don’t be fooled by the “girly” appearance of the site) they do recycled mens stuff as well (they do use a lot of wool… but its all recycled) and it is AMAZING., we are getting new merch from them mid-february.”


So if you’re in the NYC area, head over to ALTER to get some Pre-Love or click HERE for find other locations across the states and the globe!

Organic & This Old Thing?

January 20, 2008

1. John Patrick Organic makes organic fashion that is practical, and wearable for any man.

John Patrick Organic
John Patrick Organic

DB Etiquette Recommendation: John Patrick Organic does use vegetable-tanned leather, cashmere, and organic wool in some products, which is much more than most designers can say- but something that, for those of us who know about ecology or animal advocacy, is not entirely sustainable or desirable. Aside from the ethical argument of domesticating animals, Think of the amount of resources it takes to raise a cow, or a sheep (feed grains, land space, water, energy, possible slaughter, transport etc…) as opposed to a hemp canvas or an organic bamboo (less land space, less water, transportation). Stick to the organic plant-based products.

For a list of where to purchase, click here.

2. THIS OLD THING? Tommy Cole and Roy Caires, fashion photographer and designer, magnificently re-purpose thrift garments into entirely new and gorgeous pieces. I own two of their vests and get asked who, what, and where

DB Etiquette Recommendation: I’ve always said, thrift anything is more ethical than new anything. The only time to take heed is being aware of what you’re making look fabulous. While, ethically speaking, a recycled fur or leather bomber may have less impact on the environment and animals than a brand-new synthetic garment – be aware of what you are promoting. Chances are, if you make fur and leather look fabulous, people will continue to demand it, and seek it out – new or not. Please shop thrift and re-purposed – it’s the greenest, but steer clear of obvious leather, fur, and wool.




This Old Thing? can be found at ALTER – a clothing boutique created by Tommy & Roy of This Old Thing? ALTER will feature clothing and accessories by This Old Thing? along with Cheap Monday Denim, jewelry by Fetty of Brooklyn, a stunning selection of vintage clothing… and many more brands to come as they grow. The official ALTER website is comming soon… the ALTER blog is located at: