Dress your head with recycled thread

October 16, 2009

Finding stylish, non-wool winter hats that have little impact on the environment is a tough gig. Thankfully, American Apparel has a new line of recycled cotton/acrylic winter hats! In addition, they are making recycled knit ties. Knitted ties are great for wearing in a casual setting. If you can’t find it at the thrift store, which are typically chock-full of them, this is a great option.
Check them out at americanapparel.com $16 – $26


And if you want to keep bleach, dioxin, and other toxins away from your boys, don’t forget American Apparel has a great line of organic cotton undies, and tees too!

Style 4415ORGPACStyle 2456ORG

Organic Menswear, KFC Victory & Action Alert!

June 5, 2008

1. Organic, Fair-Trade Certified Menswear from Across the Pond!
By Nature has a few great mens’ items like this beige polo, the red check shirt, and the dark brown button-down!

Machja - Ombro Polo

Gossypium - Wine Vichy Checked Shirt






4. Howies makes sharp organic & recycled menswear!
Howies, another UK-based company, makes recycled-poly board-shorts, organic hoodies, organic jeans, and everything else you can think of. This is a great find!

DylanRest Bay

SparkyUtility Hoody
StrumbleTimber Jean

EdwynPd Polo

3. PETA declares victory in Canada KFC campaign!

KFCCruelty Billboard 1

PETA has won a major battle in its efforts to stop the worst abuses of chickens by KFC. KFC Canada has agreed to a historic animal welfare plan that will improve conditions for millions of birds. However, the decision makers that run KFC in other countries are allowing the worst cruelty to continue. KFC Canada has agreed to a historic new animal welfare plan that will dramatically improve the lives and deaths of millions of chickens killed for KFC Canada. The company will take the following actions:

  • Phase in purchases of 100 percent of its chickens from suppliers that use controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK)—the least cruel form of poultry slaughter ever developed. KFC Canada is the first major restaurant chain to commit to phasing in the exclusive purchasing of chicken meat from CAK slaughterhouses.
  • Add a vegan faux-chicken item to the menu of all 461 Priszm-owned KFC restaurants (more than half of all the KFCs in Canada).
  • Improve its animal welfare audit criteria to reduce the number of broken bones and other injuries suffered by birds.
  • Urge its suppliers to adopt better practices, including improved lighting, lower stocking density and ammonia levels, and a phaseout of growth-promoting drugs and breeding practices that painfully cripple chickens.
  • Form an animal welfare advisory panel to monitor the changes and recommend further advancements.

Order a Free ‘Vegetarian Starter Kit


The Humane Society of the United States

A bill now before the U.S. Senate will fund cruel, indiscriminate killing programs on our nation’s wildlife refuges. H.R. 767, the Refuge Ecology Protection, Assistance, and Immediate Response (REPAIR) Act, flewYakama horses through the U.S. House of Representatives because it was promoted as an invasive plant eradication bill. In truth, the bill would allocate millions of dollars to fund expensive, unwarranted and inhumane killing programs — targeting feral cats, free-roaming dogs, wild horses, and any other unwanted animal species. We need your help to halt this short-sighted legislation. There are better ways to solve conflicts with animal species, and if passed by the Senate, the REPAIR Act would ignore common-sense, humane approaches, in favor of lethal killing.

DB Gets Naked in Time Out New York!

May 6, 2008

Time Out New York Horny?

Seitan made me do it! I was recently featured in Time Out New York’s Horny Issue. I got down and dirty about eating local, vegan, and choosing good food over mediocre sex. Yes, that’s a local, organic beet leaf on my balls.

The amazingly talented (and friend of DB) Ryan Pfluger took the pictures, and we used the gorgeous home of Pablo & Veronica of Dr. Cow.

Discerning Brute takes it off for New York City

“It was a philosophical struggle for me to pose naked, but you do what you have to do to get your message out there. All forms of oppression are connected: mainstream-media sex, violence, social justice, environmental issues, animal exploitation. When you perpetuate one of them, you perpetuate all of them. But I believe you can live ethically and fabulously.”

“I’ve been vegan for 12 years. For the shoot, I went to the Union Square farmers’ market and bought a bunch of local, organic veggies, fruits and roots. The green movement is finally becoming sexy—and it’s because of food. Food is like sex: You interact with it physically, you put it in your body. I’d rather have an amazing meal than mediocre sex.”

Check me out and the other hot-blooded New Yorkers, on stands tomorrow!

UPDATE: New York Magazine Bloggers go at me! Get the New York Magazine dirt here.

Skater Hippies

March 31, 2008

Don’t forget the boards for spring! I couldn’t find any skateboards made from recycled materials (if anyone knows of anything, please pass the info along) but, check these ‘sustainable’ boards from Comet Skateboards.

Ye Olde Cosmic Shred  30the galaxy's sleevesShred City 35

Comet Skateboards uses poplar and hickory from sustainable forests for a board’s core, topped with bamboo or maple veneer and coated with water-based paints. They’re also working to help develop ‘green’ epoxies, reinforcements and coatings. The boards are designed and manufactured in the world’s only solar-powered skateboard factory, which is located in downtown San Francisco. The company is committed to manufacturing locally (still made here!) and sources supplies locally whenever possible.

Packaging your package in organic hemp/cotton boxers are not the only amazing thing you can do thanks to Satori Movement. You can also have organic tees, hemp denim, tanks, totes and hoodies that don’t look like potato sacks (beware of their hippy-sandals, though!).https://i2.wp.com/

*Don’t forget to get the vegan bumps & bruises, and cut & scrape vegan hemp herbal balms before you hit the half-pipe.

*You can purchase any of the skater-inspired, eco-geeko gear at CultureSkate.com. Culture Skate is a great source for skater-dudes who want to keep their eco-footprint small enough to still do a kick-flip.

Culture Skate

Fresh Friday Finds

March 7, 2008

Better World Shopping Guide1. The Better World Shopping Guide.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that graded (A+ through F) companies on their practices affecting ecosystems, people, and animals? My sister recently pointed out a great resource: “The Better World Shopping Guide” by Ellis Jones. Dr Jones has 2 books out. The Better World Handbook is a big book that catalogues the many ways one human being can make a difference in the world around a wide range of social and environmental problems. You can read nearly the whole book RIGHT HERE.

2. Pureology Styling Products
PureologyPureology is a biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free haircare product line used by top salons and stylists. I got my hair cut at Beehive in Williamsburg, and my stylist Kay made me fall in love with their nano-wax! Smells really good too. Pompadour heaven.

3. Reclaimed, recycled, repurposed furniture from Brooklyn!

Reclaimed Pine BenchReclaimed Table

Founded in 2004, by Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath, Uhuru is a small design + build furniture company dedicated to sustainability and creating timeless designs and interiors. Uhuru builds each piece by hand, in their Red Hook Brooklyn studio.

4. Soy Undies
Soy UndiesSpotted these 2(x)ist man-briefs made from SOY! According to the 2(x)ist website, soy is “more luxurious than cashmere, breathes like cotton… and is a ‘green’ fiber”. Locate them HERE.

5. Bergmans Organic Pima Cotton Collection
Bergman's I’ve had a lot of people ask me where they can get nice organic dress shirts, khakis and such. Check out this organic collection from the respected Bergman’s, who’s been on top of the organic cotton game since 1986! If you don’t know why conventional cotton is so terrible, you much read my previous post: White Gold

Organic Cuffed Khaki
Organic OxfordOrganic Polo

Eco Underwear, Under There.

January 16, 2008

by Joshua Katcher

Guys are you looking for eco underwear under there or anywhere?

I did some research and found some of the better, non-grandpa looking eco undies just for the dudes. If you are in the market to keep dioxin (and cancer) away from your balls, or you just want an organic banana (hammock), here’s a few places to check out.

Here’s a good reason to keep bleach away from your balls:

  • “Conventional cotton underwear is processed with chlorine bleach. Dioxin–the most toxic chemical known–is a carcinogen that is derived from chlorine bleach and is responsible for hormone disruption and a host of other ills.”

Red Dog Eco-Sport does organic cotton briefs for the Abercrombie man.
So Sporty

American Apparral gives us the organic cotton in the raw. Surprised? If you don’t care about the drama surrounding their union-busting or their notorious CEO Dov Charney.
American Apparral Brief

Ecoboywear.com does men’s briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers, all made with organic cotton. Rawganique does organic hemp, pima, and cotton underwear.

ecobodywear undies Rawganique undies
Some good places to start with an organic tank-top are American Apparral, or Shirts of Bamboo, who has a classic undershirt tank in lots of colors made from bamboo and organic cotton.
American Apparral Organic Tank shirts of bamboo

Take your tank to the next level with unisex Awareness Apparral from Energie +E

Innocent, Animal Rights Organic Tank Here’s what the back reads:

  • INNOCENT TANK:Animal Abuse
    Hundreds of thousands of animals are held captive, tortured, or killed every year. The reasons range from consumer products to pure entertainment. Outdated product testing inflicts unnecessary pain and damage onto laboratory animals. Overbred dogs are kept in horrendous conditions for profit. Exotic animals are irresponsibly sold as pets. Circus animals are often trained through the use of intimidation and physical abuse.
  • What we can do: Recognize that animals are capable of feeling pain and suffering
    • Support companies whose products and ingredients are not tested on animals • Check local shelters when looking for a pet • Be aware of others’ intentions when giving pets away • Consider spaying or neutering your pets • Avoid circuses that feature animal performers • If you witness animal abuse, write down the details and report it to the police
    ©2007 +E, LLC