Hockey Heavy-Weight Georges Laraque Goes Vegan

September 16, 2009

After watching the documentary, Earthlings narrated by Joaquin Phoenix – Montreal Canadiens Forward, Georges Laraque, committed himself to a vegan lifestlye. That’s right – no dairy, no poultry, no fish, no more leather shoes or animal byproducts for this hockey tough-guy. And it’s not for his health (although he is benefiting) – it’s for the animals.

“It’s unconscionable what’s happening to animals in this country and the way we treat animals we eat. … I realized I had to make some big changes…I’ve lost some weight, but I’ve been working with a really great nutritionist and I’ve never had this much energy,” Georges Laraque

Read the FULL ARTICLE, and if you haven’t seen Earthlings yet, watch it now. Lives are depending on it.Earthlings

Crayola Terrorism, Vick Fights Eagles, and SolarRolls

August 19, 2009

"Guilty" illustration by Ian Kim

• Michael Vick will now fight with Eagles instead of dogs.  After doing jail-time and anti-dogfighting campaigns with the HSUS and PETA, Vick has returned to the NFL and joins the Philadelphia Eagles. Will the Eagles be able to dodge the press about this, and furthermore, was it a wise decision when they already have an amazing QB Donovan McNabb, and considering Vick won’t be allowed to play for another seven months? What do you think?

• Speaking of Fighting Eagles, get this organic Loomstate tee at 25% off! For Kaight’s third anniversary, enjoy 25% off all purchases through Aug. 31. Online customers use coupon code “three” to redeem at

• Raise your hand if you think Crayola supports “terrorism”. Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) and civil rights attorneys will make oral arguments before the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) is unconstitutional. The AETA is being used for the first time since its passage by Congress in 2006 to do exactly what civil rights advocates  feared it would do – criminalize activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – activities like writing slogans in chalk on the sidewalk.

How can you help? Join CCR in protecting our basic constitutional rights by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper about the AETA.

Center for Constitutional Rights


SolarRolls are not eco-friendly sushi. Meet the first flexible solar panel. Waterproof and durable, this gadget gives you portable electricity anywhere there’s sun. You can charge your car battery, run a video camera, or use it to power cell phones. The possibilities are endless.  Starting at $295




An elephant known as Jewel, who IDA has been working to rescue for over two years, was attempted to be confiscated from her abuser by the USDA. Her abusive handler, Will Davenport – who has a history of abusing animals and violating the endangered species act in the illegal purchase of elephants Tina and Jewel from the Cole Brothers Circus. Read the whole article.

The Do-Good Dad: Father’s Day Guide

June 16, 2009

Father’s Day is this Sunday. If you haven’t gotten anything for dear old dad yet, in addition to making a donation to your favorite organization in your father’s name, here are some good gift ideas:

Bid on one of a million amazing things at CharityBuzz. Check out the Dads & Grads auction. From hanging out with Patrick Dempsey at Daytona to meeting Bill Clinton, sitting in box seats at the US Open, watching the Yankees play the Red Sox, taking a swimming clinic with Michael Phelps, or a Kenny Chesney autographed Guitar! There is more cool stuff than I can list here. Just don’t bid on the fishing trip. Ugh.

Item Photo Item Photo Item Photo

Item Photo

BREAK THE BANK! If you are loaded, your dad might like a Tesla Roadster (starts at $101,000) or Model S – both electric performance vehicles from Tesla Motors. The Model S is capable of rocketing from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and traveling up to 300 miles on a single 45 minute charge (starts at $49,900 which is not that bad)!

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For the rest of us who can only afford to splurge a little bit…

Organic Dress Shirts form CULTURATA (check for local stockists)

Matt & Nat Mens’ Accessories: Shop HERE.

Or if you’re in NYC, go to this event:



Make a donation to Mercy For Animals before Father’s Day on June 21st and Rory Freedman, co-author of Skinny Bastard will match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar – totaling up to $5,000! Donate $100 or more and you will receive an autographed copy of Skinny Bastard – a guide for macho men on eating well and getting in shape the healthy and cruelty-free way!

Get dad into shape w/ The Engine 2 Diet, Thrive in 30, and Skinny Bastard!

Kicks! Check out our favs for dad from Bourgeois Boheme, NOHARM, and NOVACAS: Product Details

A Recycled Billboard “George Dopp Kit







Organic Grooming from Dr Bronner, and Herban Cowboy!

Organic Grooming - Men's Body Care Gift Set

DBTV: No Girls Allowed! An Interview w/ SKINNY BASTARD’s Rory Freedman

June 9, 2009

Skinny Bitch and friend of The Discerning Brute, Rory Freedman has done it again. But this time, she’s going for the family jewels! I had some time to call up this savvy bitch on Skype and get the scoop on everything from erectile dysfunction and ‘whack & sniff’ testing, to prostate health and the hundreds of buff vegan athletes. If you’re a guy that doesn’t want a gut to be your rite of passage, then check this out. Skinny Bastard will knock your jock-strap off with hard-hitting truths and no-nonsense advice. Say goodbye to that beer-gut and hello to hard-bodied handsomeness. Your heart, your brain, and your libido will thank you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get the friggin’ Book
, and enter to win an awesome prize!

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Vegan Arm Wrestlers, Recyclable Belts & Dudes Who Speak Up

May 21, 2009

1. Rob Bigwood is a professionl arm wrestler. That’s right, and he’s vegan. Rob is a 26 year old Brooklynite who has been winning titles and making a name for himself in the arm wrestling community. Watch out for this guy, and for my interview with him soon!

Pictured Above: Mike Selearis vs. Rob Bigwood Photo by Jeff Bachner Photography

2. Owain Yeoman and Jamie Bamber are only two of the Discerning Brutes that PETA has featured in their recent campaigns. Jamie, who plays Lee “Apollo” Adama in Battlestar Galactica is calling attention to the use of bear-fur on the hats of the Royal Guards in the UK. Owian, star of The Mentalist, is featured in a vegetarian testimnial ad, and his video has an eloquent expression of why this dude is veg.

These two join the ranks of other awesome guys who have done PETAs classic campaigns like Casey AffleckWilmer Valderrama, Joaquin Phoenix, Fred Willard, Carey Hart, Mickey Rourke, John Salley,AFI’s Davey Havok Ami James, Tito Ortiz, Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler, Wu-tang’s Masta Killa, Bill Mahr, Kevin Nealon, David Cross, Trent Reznor, and others….

These guys rock, and you should check out their videos with PETA:

3. Custom Vegan Seaks? That’s right, artist Tony Price will make you a pair of custom-painted Vans at his Etsy shop!tonyxprice

4. Non-Silk Ascot from Jaanj. Don’t act like you never considered wearing an ascot. You can make it rock-n-roll, and you know it.

Polka Dot Non Silk Ascot Ties in Dark Blue/White

5. Tie-Ups makes recyclable belts. The color combos will make you trip, but the facts that you can stick these Italian-made accessories in the recycling bin, and that there’s no animal products is great! Tie-Ups won’t go off in a metal detector, they are weatherproof, hypoallergenic, and just really cool!  $89 at Nordstrom


6.  Check out FRESH: New Thinking About What We’re EatingVodpod videos no longer available.

PURE BLISS: Brunch & Yoga w/ The Discerning Brute & Barefoot Tiger

May 18, 2009

*CANCELED (will be rescheduled)

Kendra katcher3

Saturday, May 30th, 2009
10:30am Yoga
12:00pm Brunch

What could be better than mixing a spring Saturday, a yummy vinyasa flow yoga class with Kendra of Barefoot Tiger, and a scrumptious vegan brunch by the Discerning Brute himself, Joshua Katcher? You won’t want to miss this event! If it’s your first time trying vegan food, you’ll be blown away – you’ve never tasted vegan deliciousness like this before!

$45 per person

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We’re limited to 20 people for this event, so book your spot now!
To sign up and get directions, contact Kendra, or call (646) 526-8445

*If you need a mat please let us know ahead of time, mat rental will be $2 / mat.

Cali Organic Fruit Salad

Barefoot Tiger/Kendra Coppey

DB Interviews: Vegan Triathlete BRENDAN BRAZIER

April 13, 2009

Professional Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier is dispelling myths faster than a speeding bullet. He is a superman of sorts, and his empire of books, supplements, energy products and vegan handsomeness is not to be taken lightly – because as far as the stopwatches are concerned, faster and stronger is simply that. I chatted with Brendan recently about being a vegan athlete, nutrition, his new book, and how we can all learn to thrive. Listen to our conversation: bars

Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer - Large Family