8 Responses to Alerts

  1. Mary Gillen says:

    Hey there, discovered your site via Chloe. So awesome! Thank you…

  2. Holly Freeman says:

    love what you’re doing….

  3. molly :-) says:

    yay! i wish i were a fabulous man so i could fully enjoy your blog. but i find that since i am more masculine than my own boyfriend at times, that i enjoy it just as much 🙂 anyway, congrats on gettin’ this up and runnin’– full of sweet info and resources. peace and love man xoxo see ya sometime soon

  4. Susie Coston says:

    Love every post I have read!!!

  5. Stig Harder says:

    The Discerning Brute takes a giant leap into the future of looking good. There’s absolutely nothing sleek about wearing the remains of innocent, sentient beings. The future is vegan.

  6. Shaynie says:

    Veganism! It does a sentient being good! Blessings to you for promoting veganism!

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