Discovery of the Century?

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An image showing the approximate placement of skeleton elements recovered. Some pieces found separately in the excavation are rejoined here.“It is often assumed that we humans are selfish, competitive and warlike by nature…” But a new female fossil called Ardi, dating back 4.4 million years, is on the verge of rewriting the history of human evolution – and resolving some controversial debates about human nature. It turns out that we originated from a cooperative creature, as opposed to a competitive creature. This speaks powerfully to rethinking the justifications many of us use about oppression, competition, and war just being “in our nature”.  Top that with Ardi being a broken-forest dweller without enlarged canines, who’s on a plant-based diet! This is amazing stuff. Read the whole article here.

3 Responses to Discovery of the Century?

  1. Mavis Beacon says:

    Except one account doesn’t suddenly undo years of agreed upon science. In the same way one voice doesn’t speak for the entirety of the world. Maybe she was mankind’s first militant left-wing hippy?

    • That would be convenient for continuing to rationalize terrible things, Mavis, but I don’t think there were so-called “militant left-wing hippies” considering it was an entire species. And in this tone, had you been around hundreds of years ago, I can somehow hear you arguing that the world is flat based on years of agreed upon science. Nice try, though.

  2. Jason says:

    I read about Ardi a couple of weeks ago and found it all so incredibly fascinating. I so wish we still had that grasping big toe for climbing trees. That’d be super fun. 😉

    The Discovery Channel is reairing its special on Ardi this Thursday (10/15/09), btw.

    P.S. I’m sure this is infuriating all the fundamentalists who believe that our earth is only 6,000 years old.

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