Nau There’s Recycled Jackets

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Nau offers up recycled weather-protection in some great cuts. Created from post-consumer and post-industrial polyester waste, these jackets employ cradle-to-cradle ECOCIRCLE® technology, so that at the end of a long life it can be sent back to Nau and recycled once again into polyester fibers for reuse. Unfortunately, some Nau products contain cruel and exploitative down and merino wool, so stick to these cruelty-free choices:

2 Responses to Nau There’s Recycled Jackets

  1. Matt says:

    I have a Nau 1.0 (before they shut down and came back) recycled jacket and I love it. Seriously is dope. A great company, if you are up for dropping the bills.

  2. marcelebrate says:

    Wow, I love their mix of technical + fashionable outerwear. Pricey, no doubt, but looks to be high quality and they’re certainly on top of their sustainability game.

    Some of their wool is at least recycled, so if you’re not completely vegan you’re at least buying more responsibly.

    Great add and love the blog, by the way. It’s awesome to have a place that promotes conscientious consumerism without looking all “peace love dove.”

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