Sonic Neckties, Land O’ Aches, The Conscious Cook & Green Porn Tal Ronnen, the notorious chef that got Oprah to go vegan, shares his enticing, unexpected vegan dishes with everyone who relishes eating beautiful, flavorful, and filling food. In the Conscious CookEvery recipe delivers on his promise to omnivores and foodies: “You won’t miss the meat.”

It’s so cool that the Girlie Girl Army crew pointed out these Limited Edition “Sonic Neckties” made from recycled audio cassette tape! Get them in skinny or wide at Supermarket for 90$recycled cassette tape thin necktie from improbable projects

• Where simple goodness begins? The picturesque, historically inaccurate and greenwashed imagery on the cover of Land O’ Lakes products can not hide the cruelty under the wrapping. A new PETA undercover investigation inside a Land O’Lakes supplier facility in Pennsylvania has revealed routine neglect and cruelty to cows who are milked for the Fortune 250 company’s products.

• The only porno I’d ever recommend to you guys is the amazingly clever Green Porno by Isabella Rosellini on the Sundance Channel. Hilarious, hot, and the best biology and ecology lesson you’ve ever had.

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5 Responses to Sonic Neckties, Land O’ Aches, The Conscious Cook & Green Porn

  1. Mark says:

    Fat equals flavor? Tal says this a couple of times in the video. That’s if you’re addicted to the taste of fat (which CAN be re-calibraed).

    Is he really that clueless regarding consuming fat and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and Altzheimer’s? The fat grams in his single dish are astounding.

    Hell, I’d definitely go with the “hummus and sprouts” sandwich he dismisses as “hippie food” before eating his excessive heart-attack special fat-ladden entre.

    The “protein-centric” view he speaks of is also so retro and, with all due respect, nutritionally ignorant.

    Fatty non-vegan recipes substituted with a “vegan meat” but still, with all the added fat, imho, are not any kind of achievement to praise.

    Not really an impressive or “conscious” concept.

    He’s conscious of doing vegan food, with high fat, regardless of the health consequences.

    Truly sad.

    • Mark, your comments are becoming redundant. Not everyone is concerned with fat content. Some of us are willing to take the risk and enjoy the taste of a meal that no animals were exploited to create, regardless of fat content or claims and comparisons about addictions.

      Constantly attacking other vegetarians and vegans who don’t meet your health requirements and NEVER backing up your criticisms with alternative options or links to example recipes is backwards and annoying.

      Go comment on Burger King or Crisco’s website if health is your main concern. Otherwise, just stick to if you want fat free recipes.

  2. Matt Lara says:

    Tal’s dish looks great, and I wasn’t blown back by the amount of fat he used to prepare it with. I wouldn’t realistically eat that every night, because I usually prefer a light dinner with smaller portions. It seems like a lovely meal for a small gathering. Plus, he did include a nice pile of fresh greens and veggies. If the other dishes in his book are prepared as beautifully and full of flavor, I’m interested. I can always alter that fat content. Being lean and athletic myself, it’s not really an issue.

    Mark, I appreciate that you’re thinking about these things, but I’m not sure what your objective is. We’re here to celebrate compassionate living and eating well. Many of us are home cooks and foodies who are conscious of things like too much fat (or any other nutrient). You just seem to be hell-bent on attacking others who want to make a difference just like you. I don’t really care what you do. I’m just saying that I’d rather to have a fun time in the kitchen with someone, than listen to them rant and rave about the nutrition breakdown. Relax friend. If you don’t like the scallopini, eat something else.

  3. Ed Coffin says:


    As a nutritionist and soon-to-be registered dietitian, I will be the first to tell you veganism has NOTHING to do with health. It’s a nice perk, but we are vegans because we don’t want to unnecessarily exploit animals for any reason. If a dish is high in fat or sugar and contains no animal ingredients, I say enjoy it! You can have an overall healthy diet and indulge in delicious high-fat dishes as well.

  4. Nathan says:

    Fat, shmat; the man can cook vegan and is hella easy on the eyes! What more could you ask for? Let’s all stop with the dietary pedantics and enjoy life, ok?

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