Local Myth, Man-Boob Billboard & Walking For Farm Animals

It turns out that omnivorous locavores may be bending over backwards for no reason if their goals are environmental. Read the Forbes article that takes the meat out of the locavore argument and puts the emphasis right back on the largest single contributor to greenhouse gas emissions: meat and dairy. But we know that already, right? There’s nothing green about local bacon aside from the greenwashing in which it’s packaged. It’s almost as bad as the “humane slaughter” myth.


Sometimes all you need is a simple, organic cotton tee in a few colors to take your wardrobe to the next level. Logos, silkscreen graphics and band names can distract from the main attraction: you. Alternative Apparel has crew neck and v-neck tees in every damn color.

PETA recently took some heat for asking us to save some whales – from blubber. Women went nuts when PETA put up a billboard saying that adopting a vegetarian diet can lead to weight loss, and now they are going after the guys! So what do you think? Offensive or crafty?Moobs

Meatloaf is not just for meat-eaters. With 33g of protein per serving, Field Roast’s Classic Meat Loaf packs some serious muscle. Order it online or check your local retailer.


Walk like a man. We often hear about all the things we should do “like men“. But now, you can really walk like a man, by raising money to benefit Farm Sanctuary! Click HERE to see all the walk dates and locations.

To raise funds in person, please use the Offline Donation Form. You’ll need to bring the completed form and any donations with you the day of the Walk. If you can’t make it and want to sponsor someone, like our friend Gretchen or Dave, or simply donate, please do that too!

Thanks to our friend Ari, who is often a guest columnist on GGA, and who owns the snarky, yummy vegan, soy-candle company A Scent of Scandal forwarded locavore and man-boob articles.


4 Responses to Local Myth, Man-Boob Billboard & Walking For Farm Animals

  1. Mark says:

    re: Field Roast Meat Loaf

    …at 21 grams of fat per serving, it also packs a lot of unneeded oil.

    FYI, Mark (the Forbes article is a good find, thanks!)

    • You’re right, it does have a lot of fat in it. But even though some of us know all you’ve said, we’ll still indulge in sugary and fatty foods once in a while. Does that shock you? I am familiar with your attitude of “getting over the addiction” to the tastes and textures of a typical omnivorous diet – but even still, the enjoyment some of us get out of eating some junk food once in a while is worth the risks you point out. And if a typical meat eater decides to try a vegan meatloaf as opposed to a animal-based one – it is good these products are out there. Not to many people go from eating the American Diet to a raw, whole-foods diet overnight. There is often a transition which is VERY different than coming off of drugs, as you sometimes argue. Almost all the vegans I know – including myself – would never have gone vegan were it not for convincing alternatives to their favorite comfort foods. Clearly it’s not worth the risks to you, but don’t assume that we all have your perspective. Your criticisms continually come across as extremely condescending and belittling (and you know the saying about bees and vinegar)… so here’s my etiquette advice to you – because what you have to say IS valid and IS important for people concerned with health:

      When you continually criticize stuff (even if you’re correct) you should always provide an alternative so you come across as being helpful as opposed to a nag. Do you have any low-fat vegan meatloaf recipes you can share with us?

  2. Alden says:

    re: Mark

    Meatloaf is not supposed to be health food, my friend.

  3. Elliot says:

    The above PETA ad is not only offensive to the plus-sized population, but also gender variant folk. PETA has good intentions, but terrible execution and a lack of decency. As a queer feminist, I find this to be a huge problem. Your thoughts?

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