Crayola Terrorism, Vick Fights Eagles, and SolarRolls

"Guilty" illustration by Ian Kim

• Michael Vick will now fight with Eagles instead of dogs.  After doing jail-time and anti-dogfighting campaigns with the HSUS and PETA, Vick has returned to the NFL and joins the Philadelphia Eagles. Will the Eagles be able to dodge the press about this, and furthermore, was it a wise decision when they already have an amazing QB Donovan McNabb, and considering Vick won’t be allowed to play for another seven months? What do you think?

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• Raise your hand if you think Crayola supports “terrorism”. Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) and civil rights attorneys will make oral arguments before the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) is unconstitutional. The AETA is being used for the first time since its passage by Congress in 2006 to do exactly what civil rights advocates  feared it would do – criminalize activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – activities like writing slogans in chalk on the sidewalk.

How can you help? Join CCR in protecting our basic constitutional rights by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper about the AETA.

Center for Constitutional Rights


SolarRolls are not eco-friendly sushi. Meet the first flexible solar panel. Waterproof and durable, this gadget gives you portable electricity anywhere there’s sun. You can charge your car battery, run a video camera, or use it to power cell phones. The possibilities are endless.  Starting at $295




An elephant known as Jewel, who IDA has been working to rescue for over two years, was attempted to be confiscated from her abuser by the USDA. Her abusive handler, Will Davenport – who has a history of abusing animals and violating the endangered species act in the illegal purchase of elephants Tina and Jewel from the Cole Brothers Circus. Read the whole article.


4 Responses to Crayola Terrorism, Vick Fights Eagles, and SolarRolls

  1. EY says:


    Here’s where I can probably add some insight. Donovan McNabb is a good QB, but at age 32, the 2008 season was the first since 2003 where he was healthy enough to play all 16 games. Around the league, teams are adopting a ‘Wildcat’ offense. This is a play where you don’t have a QB on the field, but rather a running back is the first person to receive the ball. Now, with a player like Vick, you have a guy that can run the ball well in that formation, but also is a threat to throw the ball.

    So, from a football standpoint, Vick adds another dimension to the Eagles offense, and will give McNabb more rest, which usually translates to healthier.

    From a PR standpoint, obviously it’s a different story, but maybe not as big of one as you’d think (hope?). There will be protesters for sure. As it turns out, I will be going to an Eagles game this year after his suspension is up (friend’s post wedding/pre honeymoon event), so I’ll probably see some of this first hand. I’ll take pictures if anything merit’s it. In Philly, as far as I can tell the fans wont care. It’s all about performance in that city… These are the same fans who Boo’d Santa Claus and apparently very few fans have cancelled their season tickets based on this.

    The fans are a drop in the pan when compared to the sponsors, but according to the Eagles Team President none of the sponsors threatened to cancel their deals, but some said they would have preferred advance notice to prepare their own public relations strategies.

    With the fans staying, the sponsors staying, and the Humane Society teaming with Vick, I really can’t see the move being particularly damaging to the franchise…

    That said, I’m not disappointed that my favorite team didn’t sign him.


  2. Cups says:

    As much as I hate what he has done in the past, he has served his sentence. Everyone deserves a second chance if they have changed and learned from their mistakes. I would imagine that he’ll never engage in dog fighting again as any further press on the matter would damage him forever. Hopefully the animal rights groups that have met with him have spent time educating him, were successful in leading him to be a more compassionate person.

  3. Aubrey says:

    Unfortunately, from the interview on tv the other night he seems insincere in his apologies. He also directly lied about his involvement during his trial- this was largely why he he received a harsher sentence. He tried to pass it off as if he never was directly involved, but admitted after failing a lie detector test and being questioned for 5 hours. So his time wasn’t on the dog’s behalf so much as punishment for trying to pull one over on the government. I don’t think anyone owes him any chances, but since he has it I really hope he will be giving some of his huge salary to help animals, and therapy for himself.

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