AUGUST CONTEST: Win a $150 Gift Certificate at the Turk + Taylor online store!

Turk + Taylor creatively use organic and sustainable materials and processes to design gorgeous garments for both Picture 7men and women. Their mastery of reinventing classics and capturing nostalgia makes them one of our favorite lines. All goods are manufactured locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Turk+Taylor Pop-Up Shop is located at 1529 Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Their phone number is 415-336-5364. They’re open Thursday through Sunday, Noon – 7pm through the end of August.

Their Online store is:

You can win this $150 Turk + Taylor Gift Certificate in a few simple steps:

  1. Cities need trees! Friends of the Urban Forest is one of Turk + Taylor’s favorite organizations! Check out their website and then send us anything that inspires you about greening our urban spaces! A letter about what you do, a photo of your rooftop garden, a poem about a tree on your block, a video. Anything goes as long as it’s about the urban forest. Don’t forget to send along an explanation if it’s a visual.
  2. Send to The Subject line must read: AUGUST CONTEST: TURK+TAYLOR (otherwise it may get trashed)
  3. The best, most moving and creative submission wins!
  4. Deadline is AUGUST 31st.
  5. The winner will be announced SEPTEMBER 1st.

5 Responses to AUGUST CONTEST: Win a $150 Gift Certificate at the Turk + Taylor online store!

  1. KyleSven says:

    These contest are too complicated. Y can’t u just enter ur name?

  2. KyleSven says:

    Well I still wish u were just able to enter ur name. Isn’t the reason for a contest for brands to promote themselves?

    • Roxi says:

      It is, but wouldn’t you rather win something for a purpose? Like hey cool I got this crazy prize because I rock in my city and people all around me thank me for the amazing work I did on the green spaces around me?
      Or would you rather say: this? oh well nothing special it was random…

      I know which one I’d choose.

  3. Bartholomew Henry says:

    I’ve never heard of Turk + Taylor, I’ll have to check them out. Nice promotion and idea.

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