Bon Appétit, Air France!

I traveled to and from Europe aboard Air France, and I requested vegan meals. As long as you notify them 48 hours in advance, most airlines offering food will accommodate vegetarian and vegan meals.

They were not bad, and one of the perks is that when you order a special meal you get served first, and everyone around you has to hungrily watch and smell and consider as you eat and explain reassuringly “I ordered the vegan meal – that’s why I’m getting treated special.” And then, when they get their gross meat dish, they always say “I wish I had ordered that.

These are the vegan meals they offered me:


Roasted Portobello, Asparagus, Squash, and Spinach with side salad, and baguette.
For Dessert: Fruit Salad


Curried Rice with peas and mushrooms and a shredded root salad with black olive tofu.
For dessert: Applesauce, and Chocolate Almond Cake


3 Responses to Bon Appétit, Air France!

  1. Brad says:

    This looks pretty good. When I flew Air America to Italy there was a vegan meal too–they called it “Strict Vegetarian”. As I remember they served and Indian meal to Italy and an Asian Noodle home-bound. It was my first experience with air plane food and it was pretty good. They even had a dairy free brownie!

  2. PunkBoy says:

    Air France Lost my order and I was left picking fish out of rice!
    But they had my breakfast! A fruit cup. From Delmonte. And bread.

    But the coffee and champagne were nice touches!

  3. Sarah says:

    On my recent trip to India, American Airlines lost my meals both to and from. I had called and confirmed for both sides and fought with them. Horrible experience. At least with India I could eat most of the food, but I can’t even imagine if they had lost my food on a flight to a different country. Your food doesn’t look half that bad.

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