DBTV: No Girls Allowed! An Interview w/ SKINNY BASTARD’s Rory Freedman

Skinny Bitch and friend of The Discerning Brute, Rory Freedman has done it again. But this time, she’s going for the family jewels! I had some time to call up this savvy bitch on Skype and get the scoop on everything from erectile dysfunction and ‘whack & sniff’ testing, to prostate health and the hundreds of buff vegan athletes. If you’re a guy that doesn’t want a gut to be your rite of passage, then check this out. Skinny Bastard will knock your jock-strap off with hard-hitting truths and no-nonsense advice. Say goodbye to that beer-gut and hello to hard-bodied handsomeness. Your heart, your brain, and your libido will thank you.

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16 Responses to DBTV: No Girls Allowed! An Interview w/ SKINNY BASTARD’s Rory Freedman

  1. jgavin10 says:

    For the love of God, hop on a plane to LA and go to Pure Luck!

  2. Chloé Jo says:

    Love both of you.

  3. Jason says:

    Love the interview! Meanwhile, watching Rory discuss her love for food at the very end is a perfect depiction of why I often say food and sex are interchangeable! Ha!

    I do wish more guys would realize that meat-eating doesn’t make them “manly.”

    (That said, I also wish more gays would realize that eating foie gras doesn’t make them “fabulous.”)

  4. josh hooten says:

    three minutes nine seconds, josh your expression is the best!

    good info in the interview, especially about prostate cancer and dairy.

  5. John Bivona says:

    Jizzy fo shizzy “friggin” interbitchview. 😉 What was JK eating during it? JK JK JK

    Here’s another sniff test for you. Go to a Raw food fest and smell the inside of the port-a-crapper, and then go in a regular one. Fruit fertilizer compared to eye-tearing, nostril hair curling hell on ice-melting earth.
    The raw poops you can probably dehydrate and re-eat and it will still be healthier than a McAnything and still less cruelty free to YOURSELVES no less animals.

    Carnies are barneys. Some just wanna eat their McColon cancer sangwiches AND pick on us widdle weaf eating “weirdies”.

    Overly mean meat eaters get a choice of Spinning bark-eating back fist or Tofu patchouli punch. :-p

    “Macho” dudes think eating meat is so manly, meanwhile this summer, homophobe will go to the BALL park to watch GUYS in TIGHTS swing a HARD BAT while excitedly jamming a HOT BEEF HOT DOG with CONDOMents into their eager manly mouths. That’s pretty Extend-a-cab CHEVY “TUFF”. You want some leather ass chap pants with that ballpark frank, Frank? Toss the vegan salad.

    Scratch and sniff ya later fellow food snob slobs. Wonder if any “brutes” did a whack and sniff while watching?

    JOHN BIVONA out. I got a tambourine to bang dammit.

  6. JOHN BIVONA says:

    I laughed, I cried, I whack and tasted. Well, not lately. I know I’M vegan and tasty. And if you were you’d be too. Guaranteed.

  7. Effing rockstars, I tell you. I think you both are swell!

  8. Pierre says:

    I found your guest’s humour to be too course for my sensibilities, Joshua. I was not amused.

  9. KyleSven says:

    even though I’m gay guy I’m still attracted to Rory

  10. Baden says:

    Great interview! And it’s funny that you mentioned that your parents had bowel disease’s and you didn’t. There’s been a study on milk and it’s effect on crohns disease done by Michael Gregor. And as well i’m living proof that a vegan diet can correct crohns disease.

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