The Discerning Brute’s BUST Waffle-tacular!


Joshua Katcher, The Discerning Brute photo ©

Mark your calendars! I am collaborating with Farm Sanctuary to do a scrumptious food demo at the BUST Craftacular on May 17th.

Sunday, May 17th, 12-3pm (Waffle Demo at 2pm)
The Warsaw, 261 Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn NY,  Bedford Avenue L stop.
BUST Magazine’s Spring Fling Craftacular: 12:00 PM – 7:00PM

*Your entry ticket also gives you a shot at winning a BUST-load of booty in the Craftacular Raffle.


The BUST Craftaculars are probably the coolest and biggest craft fairs that happen in NYC – it’s a really young, DIY, cutting (the dotted) edge crowd full of smart, creative types. It is also a really big crowd, so it’s a perfect opportunity to reach out with amazing food and surprise people who believe the stereotype and the stigma that vegan food is gross! Clearly those people have never experienced the joy of plain iceberg lettuce, raw tofu, or grazed in their backyard for twigs and weeds. Yum!

If my protein and calcium-deficient arms don’t snap before sunday (where do I get my protein?), I am going to do a presentation on how to healthfully replace everyday products like milk, eggs, butter and meat by making big ‘ol fluffy waffles for everyone! I’ll provide the recipe, explain why to avoid animal products, and answer questions. There will also be other food goodies to sample, so make sure to be there!

Check me out on the Bust Blog:


My feature in


3 Responses to The Discerning Brute’s BUST Waffle-tacular!

  1. Linzeee says:

    If I still lived in Brooklyn I would totally be at (vending at) this event! Thank you SO much for being there and for talking about veganism and MAKING VEGAN FOOD! That is so excellent! I think the best way to convince people that vegan food is good is by feeding them 🙂

    I am always a little surprised when feminists aren’t vegetarian. Both forms of oppression have alot in common.

    I am really really happy that you will be at this event! I think people who attend will be very open minded to what you have to say.

    ps- if you want to find vegan friendly handmade goods on etsy, search for “veganetsy team”


  2. Chloé Jo says:

    I wouldn’t it miss it for all the necklaces that break, fur vest hags, and vegan soap in the world!

  3. jenna says:

    my very much meat-and-potatoes boyfriend tried one of ur waffles and said it was “fuckin awesome”! we have had a few experiences with vegan food, which im sad to say were not very good ones. After we left he was like… “you think you could make those?” now im on a mission! i did have a little taste and they were fuckin awesome. thanks a million!

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