Loomstate for Target: Affordable Organics

One of our favorite lines, Loomstate, has partnered with Target to do a line of affordable, organic menswear and womenswear . Founders Scott Hahn and Rogan bring us denim, tees, chinos, board shorts, jackets, and knits all around $20 – $40.


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What’s so great about organic cotton anyway? Watch this vid.


9 Responses to Loomstate for Target: Affordable Organics

  1. Deni Kaos says:

    yeah! you finally post something i can afford!

  2. Melissa Brooklyn says:

    Yay! I have found some organic cotton items in discounted stores but for the most part were too expensive. I think it’s great that the organic movement is making huge strides in becoming affordable for all people. Hopefully one day organic cotton will be the norm!

  3. Troy says:

    Very cool, indeed. I actually went by the Steven Alan sample sale yesterday and was beyond psyched to pick up a great pair of organic cotton pants from Loomstate. I was somewhat disappointed, though, to see the ‘made in China’ tag once I got home. I’m looking forward to the day when fair labor is as cool as environmental sustainability. Am I wrong to assume pretty much everything made in China supports unfair/non-living wages? Like, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-style slaving in the mines work?

    • @Troy, I couldn’t agree more.
      There are some factories in China that are monitored and managed quite ethically as far as labor is concerned, but it is not the majority, and usually it’s up to the designers using the factory to request that sweatshop-labor be considered unacceptable and hire people to enforce those standards.

  4. EY says:


    While I understand the importance of the organic cotton products, I must say I’m a bit surprised that you would promote shopping at a Target.

    They have a better public image, that they work very hard on, than walmart, but in reality, their working conditions, including the lack of a living wage, and use of sweatshop labor in a large portion of their products would leave me thinking you wouldn’t advocate supporting the store regardless of what new product was on the shelf?


  5. Brandon B. says:

    Ooo I have seen these ads around and have wondered about them. Thanks!

  6. Heidi Bender says:

    I bought a Loomstate dress the other week for $29.99 and got soooo many compliments when I wore it! At first glance it seems simple, but on closer inspection there were so many nice designer details. Of course Target had few items available in the store, I think I will probably end up buying some more pieces online.

  7. Heidi Bender says:

    In response to the above comment, I work in fashion, and I don’t think it’s fair to assume that everything made in China is made under poor working conditions. In fact, Chinese people are protesting that they want fair working wages and don’t want to pollute the environment. The hard part is that their prices for producing goods are going up as a result. I have never been to China to inspect factories, but I have worked with people who have, and they tell me not everywhere is bad. I agree with Joshua that it is up for the designer to say that they will not accept these conditions.

    I have a friend who does missionary work in Cambodia, where she fights human trafficking and sex slavery. People there are forced into slavery to work in factories. I am pretty sure I will never buy anything made in Cambodia ever again.

  8. EY says:

    Heidi… I don’t mean to suggest that everything made in China is from a sweatshop. Nor, everything Target sells is a sweatshop product. Surely, ethical consumers will find what they like, but as a whole, supporting Target does support some fairly questionable business practices, no?

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