Hear ye! Hear ye! Deciding the winner of our amazing April Contest to win the handsome NOHARM shoes was tough. There were so many deserving entries and inspiring people! From sneaky girlfriends raiding their boyfriends closets with a camera, to struggling students in debt, eco-entrepreneurs who need to kill in that interview, and new veggies finally trading in the cow-skin, I can certainly say that there is a demand for nice mens vegan shoes! So, why don’t these dudes dig leather? Find out. Here were some of our contest entries:




However, we had to settle on someone – and that someone is a couple of dudes who are both size 9! How eco-friendly and efficient of them to share shoes, right? That certainly got our attention – why give them to one person, when two can enjoy? Sharing means caring! Congrats to Dave and Steve:

The Winners, Dave & Steve!

The Winners, Dave & Steve!

Hi DB,

We’re Dave and Steve. We’ve lived together for 7 years. Dave is a vegan, and Steve is vegan-curious (and vegetarian all the way). Dave is starting a green event planning business (ENVentive) and Steve is a movie critic for the New York Resident (Cinema Steve). Thus, we both need to dress to impress  – but often find it difficult since we don’t want to wear leather (for obvious reasons). Take a look at our battered “dress shoes” to see that we really are in need. Steve’s has holes in them (but not his conscience) and Dave’s have no sole (but of course he has a soul). We are both size 9, and could share the shoes – making even more efficient use of them. We hope the shoes find a good home whether its ours or not.

Dave and Steve


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