Blood & Nuts Toast


Blood & Nuts Toast is a super-easy, healthy breakfast or lunch. Blood Orange season is leaving and won’t be back until November! They pack a sweet, intense, vitamin-C, potassium and antioxidant punch that compliments the earthy, savory, protein and acidophilus-teeming nut cheese, and the dense, artisan bread.

The directions are simple: Toast the bread, put a slice of nut-cheese and a sliver of orange on top! Viola! Simple enough for a child, yet sophisticated enough for a discerning palate.

Some of my favorite breads right now are the yeast-free Men’s Bread & the Hemp Bread from French Meadow Bakery. French meadow also makes delicious vegan carrot cake, and other products. Hemp Bread Men's Bread®

Vegan Carrot Cake








The Nut Cheese can be purchased at

Dr. Cow's Tree Nut Cheese

Blood OrangeI got my organic  Blood Oranges at the 4th. St. Food Coop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you’re outside of New York, check you local farmer’s market, coop, or grocery store. Blood oranges are a mutation of the sweet orange, and contain a pigment typically found in other fruits and flowers, but not usually in citrus.

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5 Responses to Blood & Nuts Toast

  1. Cybergrunt says:

    What an amazing looking concoction! I love blood oranges when they are in season.

  2. […] The Discerning Brute has invented a recipe for Blood & Nuts Toast that’s making me drool at 6:35 a.m (why am I up so early?).  […]

  3. GreenerGirl says:

    I love this! I’m addicted to Dr. Cow but have only used it on flax crackers so far.

    You are awesome, Brute!

  4. Pierre says:

    look at that photo! you’re the artiest.

  5. steve says:

    wow “nut cheese”…. mmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    truly fitting. Do you find that many folks in your social circles dig this delightful treat?

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