Nigel Barker cares about stuff – and he’s not a sissy. I recently chatted on the phone with this amazingly talented, compassionate, and influential photographer. We talked about everything from his fashion industry work, to his time spent in Haiti exposing some of the worst poverty, to his documentation of the controversial seal hunt. He doesn’t think that you can be a fur-wearing environmentalist, and he likes to shop thrift. Listen to our conversation:

Things We Talked About:


5 Responses to DB Interviews: NIGEL BARKER

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  2. Jason says:

    Nigel is great. I’ve been enlightened by this interview as well. While I found the juxtaposition of “discerning” and “brute” rather interesting, I really like the reasoning behind the use of the word “brute.” Too many men out there think their masculinity hinges on how crude or boorish they can be, rather than being mature, having a strong backbone when it comes to injustices, and possessing potency for affecting change in our world.

    God. . .I know so few real men.

  3. pierre says:

    nice interview.

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  5. cathy dunne says:

    What a great interview. As a vegan, this makes me smile ear to ear. Thank you!!!

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