Am I Dreaming? MTV Goes Veg!

Pro-Veg Commercials on MTV

Am I dreaming, or is MTV actually broadcasting a pro-vegan campaign? The organization Compassion Over Killing‘s 2009 advertising campaign featuring two of their most powerful ads, “Exploring Your Food” and “A Side of Truth,” hit the MTV airwaves on February 23. That was last night! Did anyone see them?

I can imagine these will cause quite a stir amongst teens, who tend to be idealistic and stubborn. I went veg in high school after coming across slaughterhouse footage in a documentary – but now it’s being handed right to them. I’m just amazed that MTV is OK with this, considering their sponsors.

Watch the Ads here:

Compassion Over Killing's MTV Campaign

Compassion Over Killing's MTV Campaign

3 Responses to Am I Dreaming? MTV Goes Veg!

  1. Alicia says:

    Yeah this isn’t the first time COK has done this. They had a great campaign last year as well that had a lot of positive results. I try to support COK every chance I get because they seem to make a real impact and use their dollars wisely.

  2. Brittany Abstract says:

    I love Compassion Over Killing. They pretty much wrote the book on how to educate without acting superior or being intimidating.

    By the way, maybe I’m just a little bit ignorant, but who are MTV’s sponsors?

  3. It seems to be a good campaign that has some great potential. Let’s hope it gets people to think about what they eat and show them there is another way.

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