Medical Gorgonzola, Thifting Online & Spay-Day Photo Contest


There is actually a type of heroin called 'cheese', but I couldn't resist!

Having trouble kicking the cheese habit? Maybe you’re addicted to NARCOTICS like casomorphins –  naturally occurring opiates found in dairy products.  And since it takes 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese, concentrated products like cheeses have especially high levels of opiates. Soon you may need a prescription for “medical gorgonzola”. Research has also strongly connected dairy to autism, finding high levels of casomorphins in children with Autism.

While the idea of fermented cow tit secretions made from forced pregnancies (resulting in the veal industry) tainted with pus, blood, poop, and cholesterol is enough for me to steer clear – those of you who can’t seem to stop gorging on brie may understand your cravings better!

Think you must go to Goodwill for your recycled-clothing needs? Now you can shop online at and scour the collections or search using a key-word. So much easier then fingering through racks and racks of random crap. I could be wrong, but I think every single thing costs $10!

Spay Day 2009In honor of the Humane Society of the United States’ Spay Day 2009, enter your little furball in the photo contest and win great prizes! There are two ways to win prizes in the contest: The Judged category and the Fundraisers category.


One Response to Medical Gorgonzola, Thifting Online & Spay-Day Photo Contest

  1. Foodeater says:

    Great post! I followed your link to, found some stuff I liked and tried to make a purchase. Their online ordering system was/is broken and wouldn’t let me complete the order. Sent them an email through the contact link on their site alerting them to the problem and asked when I’d be able to place the order or if they accepted alternate forms of payment in the meantime, like Paypal. It’s been 3 days and no one has bothered to even reply to my email.

    In theory it’s a great idea but it seems they need to iron out some technical problems and customer services issues before they’re ready for primetime. Too bad too, I found some cute stuff there that I’d still like to own… but it does not appear anyone is paying attention or eager to sell it to me!

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