Bow & Narrow


I have something to admit. Until four days ago, I only used clip-on bowties. Then I stopped by Odin, one of DBs fav shops (and rumor has it, according the hot, vegan gal ringing me up, they have a no-fur policy!), and I picked up a real-life, grown-up, plaid, cotton bowtie by Engineered Garments. As fate (or necessity) would have it, I had to learn to tie the damn thing properly!


My Engineered Garments Bowtie

So, why do we love bowties? They’re not just for Pee-Wee or tuxedos anymore, and they’ve been rescued from the pits of nerd-dom. They are geek-chic, intellectual-, and unlike the long tie which draws attention to the mid-section, they say “my eyes are up here!” One word of advice for the bow-tie adventurer: steer clear of over-sized bow-ties unless you make appearances at childrens’ birthday parties. The narrow  and smaller ones are quite fetching.

Thrift stores are full of ties and bow-ties, but if that fails you, ASOS (who has a no-fur policy) has a pretty good selection of narrow cotton bow ties.

ASOS Plain Cotton Skinny Bow TieJunk De Luxe Stripe Shirt with Bow TieJunk De Luxe Polo With Bow Tie

SCRIPT BOW TIEI’m smitten for the bow tie necklace at Topman (also, with a no-fur policy), as well as their very affordable metallic, poly bow ties:


How to tie a bow-tie:


3 Responses to Bow & Narrow

  1. míchel angela martinez says:

    Matthew recently picked up a gorgeous grey wool one at Tim Hamilton’s sample sale. Yours looks really lovely. Careful how you tie it, though; a security guard or cop or something gave him a hard time the very first time he wore it. After the guy’d already given him a ration of —- about something else, the dude finishes with: “your tie is crooked.”


    I have a black paisley one in silk (something I’ve had to wear for work before), and I in trying to help him out, I couldn’t remember for the life of me how to get that perfect knot. This one’s not like riding a bike

    Congrats… have fun with this one.

  2. Paloma Blanco says:

    Thank you for telling me about your blog and for mentioning Odin as well. Hope to see you back at the store soon. Ill be sure to keep posted.

    Paloma Blanco

  3. […] of freaking out about what the hell to wear in terms of a non-wool tux. I think I can handle the bow-tie (thanks for that post) and non-leather shoes. So maybe you could help me out in finding […]

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