Coats for Blokes

Jack Frost would have bit my big Jew-nose really hard this morning had I not had a cozy winter coat. It’s not so easy to find really warm, well-built winter coats that aren’t filled with feathers, lined with leather, made of wool, or trimmed with fur. My first recommendation is to check out your local thrift store. My second recommendation are this organic, fair-trade, and vegan coat:

style #300474601 roman surplus cotton winter army jacket

If those don’t work out, here are some awesome, animal-friendly coats to keep the chill out! I have these broken into three categories: Money to Burn, Big Spender, & Average Joe.


Dsc_1019_detail Dsc_3758_detail Dsc_3694_detail




And lastly, don’t forget to stand around on the porch in your organic thermal undies!

organic cotton fleece thermal underwear long johns


5 Responses to Coats for Blokes

  1. andrea says:

    These look great! Check Out The Truth About… for expert opinions on Organics —

  2. Justin says:

    It looks like the Rawganique Nova Scotia coat (1st picture) is made out of wool so it’s prob. not vegan. Am I right?

  3. Totally didn’t catch that! i read “hemp wool” and assumed it was a faux wool made from hemp, but if you keep reading, there is actually a real wool blend. Thank you for pointing it out. I’ll take it down.

  4. that guy in the thermal undies makes me smile! as do your awesome posts!!

  5. Ryan says:

    You should really consider pulling down the penfield jacket. while they do support the WSPA they also sell coats with fur. this coat: has coyote fur as an option… otherwise thanks for the post.

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