Woodstock, NY

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

On Saturday I went up to Woodstock for my birthday! I hung out at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, named non-profit of the year by Veg News Magazine. Melissa and Alyssa came with me and we met up with Jenny Brown, one of the founders, who showed us around this little utopia. If you are reading this, wondering ‘what’s the need for a farm animal sanctuary‘, please click HERE. The animals were so forgiving and friendly to us – which is amazing considering that they were all treated horribly by humans before they were rescued. If you live in the New York area, you must go up and visit the farm!

Later that evening, we had dinner at Woodstock’s Garden Cafe on the Green, and I must say that it is an incredible restaurant. It could rival the best of New York City, easily. The setting is quaint and unpretentious. It is small, warmly-lit, with a french country inspired interior. The presentation of the food was above-par, and the food itself was consistently flavorful, prepared thoughtfully, and simply delicious. In itself, this place is reason enough to go up to Woodstock for the day, but be warned! Reservations are a must. More people than I can count were turned away at the door for not having any. And stick with the specials, they are always exciting and innovative. Vegan food has come so far! It’s really great that Woodstock has a place like this.

Garden Cafe on the Green

Garden Cafe on the Green

DB’s Etiquette Reccomendation: When visiting a non-profit, it is customary to leave a donation! If you want to do even more, you can volunteer, or ask what other options there are to help, such as sponsoring a pig, like Melissa did! Places like this depend on our money to function, so it’s ok that they’re not shy about asking.


3 Responses to Woodstock, NY

  1. Melissa Brooklyn says:

    Hey! I’m so jealous you got to go up there. I actually thought it was much farther away. I will definitely be visiting now that I know how close it is.

    I actually sponsored some of the Iowan piglets…I hope they are doing well and that you gave them a kiss for me!

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Nikki says:

    I have donated int he past to these amazing people and their animals. I am proud to also sponsor animals at Farm Sanctuary and Animal Acres too. I am so glad you got to go there and enjoy the great animal energy free from fear and the culture of death.

  3. Melissa Fornabaio says:

    My dad loves Louie and can’t wait to visit him!! I smell another trip a brewin’!

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