Guiltless Grooming

What are you doing in my bathroom?!

What are you doing in my bathroom?!

There are tons of cruelty-free and organic products out there for the ladies… but what about us guys? If we want to look, smell, and feel amazing without worrying about torturing rabbits, toxic ingredients, destroying ecosystems, or supporting valueless (and brainless) businesses, our grooming arsenals could look something like this. From recycled razors to eye drops, no animals were harmed in the creation of these products: M4Men Hair Removal Introductory Kit (MM) Florame Men’s Organic Eau de Toilette Musk® for Men Eau de ToiletteSplash 4 oz.

Whether you want to thicken some thinning hair, soak your contacts, regulate the PH balance of your skin, prevent or soothe razor bumps, zap zits, smell like autumn, straighten or style your curls, or control dandruff – there is no need to poison yourself, animals or the environment! Unfortunately, many companies continue to use outdated and cruel experiments that are completely unnecessary. Find out more here:

Caring Consumer


Also check out PETA2 for an extensive list of cruelty-free mens’ fragrances.


8 Responses to Guiltless Grooming

  1. Nikki says:

    You are so nice to put this one-stop shopping collection together! Thanks!

  2. Adnan Y. says:

    The inclusion of razors was ace, as that’s the greatest concern.

    Mind you, I find that lathering up with foam/cream isn’t that important. Using hot water on your face, and then shaving roughly 2 minutes afterwards, works just as well, I’ve notice.

  3. Colo says:

    I love that Preserve recycles their razors, but for even less waste, do it old school and shave with a safety razor (like your grandpa did)! They give a really close shave and save a lot of $$ since you only have to buy inexpensive metal replacement blades.
    You can also find another great, but unfortunately much more expensive, vegan shaving brush at

  4. Chloe Jo says:

    I just want to see that photo of you everyday for the rest of my life. I’d never shed a Yom Kippur tear again!! xo

  5. Melisser says:

    This is awesome, I passed it on to my husband. FYI: Alba added beeswax to their lipbalm recently, which is the worst ever because I live for pineapple quench!

  6. thanks Melisser, i’ve removed it! Too bad – loved that stuff. 😦

  7. Franni says:

    It’s sad that Alba added beeswax because I, too, lived for the pineapple quench one!!! Oh, well, I’ll just use some other awesome vegan lip balm :p and thanks for posting this!!! It makes me wanna go shop for all this stuff and maybe…I WILL!!!! ^-^

  8. […] are several product lines like Organic Grooming by Herban Cowboy, and JASON which Joshua covered in THIS POST that make men’s grooming products, so check them out […]

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