No Basement in the Alamo: Going Veg in San Antonio

I was in San Antonio, Texas last week – living out my Pee Wee’s Big Adventure fantasies and exploring the liberal pockets in that big red state. It’s true that the stars at night are big and bright. The River Walk is very quaint and touristy, and the shopping district was full of Mexican artisans and not so cow-friendly products.

I was thrilled to find the only 100% vegetarian joint in San Antonio – Green Vegetarian Cuisine & Coffee. I enjoyed a yummy toasted sourdough grinder with breaded tofu, special sauce, and spicy kale salad. They also offered incredible vegan soft serve that put Atlas and Penny Licks to shame. Step it up New York City! Get some soft serve where there’s cones (Pennylicks!) and get some cones where there’s soft serve (Atlas!). The following day, I had the glazed Neat-Loaf which was so tasty that I could live on it for a week. My server was super-friendly and helpful. If you are in Texas, definitely stop by!

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Green Vegetarian Cuisine & Coffee
1017 N. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78212
9 am -9 pm Sunday – Thursday
Friday 9 am – 8 pm
closed Saturday

2 Responses to No Basement in the Alamo: Going Veg in San Antonio

  1. Nate says:

    That soft serve looks amazing!

  2. Aurelia says:

    I’ll have one order of Texas tattooed waiter, to go, please.

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