Fresh Friday Finds

1. Is My Whiskey Vegan?
Tuthilltown SprirtsTuthilltown Spirits

My favorite spirits are locally made here in New York State. They are Whiskey, Rum, and Vodka from Tuthilltown Spirits. Completely vegan, and although some are made from wheat, completely gluten-free. The Hudson Whiskey is the best whiskey I’ve ever had! Their rum is made from black strap molasses and aged in former whiskey barrels for a really distinct taste, and their vodka is made from New York State apples pressed into raw cider. Very discerning! You can find their spirits on this list of bars, restaurants, and shops!

For more info on vegan spirits, see The Vegetarian Society’s list on Vegan Spirits!

2. Girlie Girl Goes Live!

Chloe Jo of the Girlie Girl Army has gone live! Her new website is gorgeously designed by vegan web design icon, Lord J Davis. Go check out her amazing blog and tell your sisters, moms, girlfriends, and any ethically fabulous lady in your life. They’ll swoon over her fashion sense and her common sense! This week? The C02-output-of-your-diet-calculator! And dating tips for the tragically shy or unlucky!

3. Dr Cow Goes Nuts!Dr CowOur favorite cheese has a brand new website where you can order gift box assortments of vegan nut cheese! I might live solely on this stuff. If I am what I’d be eating, I’d be totally nuts! (ha…)

Nut Cheese Tower

Nut Cheese Tower

4. Splendid Mills Organics
Earn your organic stripes at Splendid Mills. If you don’t know why the United Nations has referred to conventional cotton as one of the “most staggering disasters of the 20th century”, WATCH THIS.

5. Is My Tattoo Vegan?
In certain tattoo inks, bone-char (black) and glycerin (derived from animal fats) are typically used. Make sure to ask your artist to check ingredients or to use a company like Stable Color, who claims their inks are vegan-friendly. My tattoo artist, Seth Wood is a vegan, so it’s also a good idea to get a vegan tattoo artist!


3 Responses to Fresh Friday Finds

  1. ChloeJo says:

    LIVE for you. Thank you for the beautiful shout out, and the other SUPER interesting and wonderfully helpful and cool tidbits. You really are the BREAST purveyor of new vegan info, and surveyor of cheesey bits.

  2. Nikki says:

    The Dr. Cow cheese is so incredibly delish. I am getting the box of different cheeses sent to me out here in bufu Florida! Yay for me! Thanks for giving such great info.

  3. […] my tattoos vegan?  The Discerning Brute tells us how to know for […]

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