Songbird Self, Hot Rod Heros, and Virtual-Meat


1. BIRD IN THE MIRROR: One of the major arguments made to rationalize cruelty toward non-human animals is that they have no sense of self. However, there is a test that researches have used to see if an animal can recognize that a mirror image belongs to its own body. Among those that have passed this test are apes, bottlenose dolphins and elephants. A new study suggests that a magpie (as well as crows and ravens) recognizes itself in the mirror, too. Signs of self-recognition are illustrated above: a bird looking in the mirror attempts to remove a paint spot, using its beak and then its foot. Full story.

2. THE NEW YORK TIMES reported yesterday on a group of tattooed bikers that rescue animals and are vegetarians.

I’m a vegetarian,” said Mike Tattoo (real name Mike Ostrosky), a former bodybuilding champion with a shaved head, great arms covered in art and a probing clarity in his blue eyes…

Having run in crowds where animal abuse was rampant, often involving pit bull fights, the men volunteered at shelters and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Toward Animals, and they tried to solve cases of missing or abused animals that other organizations had neither the time nor the resources to address…Next month, the bikers will begin a program in the city’s public schools to educate children about being kind to all animals…

3. iMeat to the not-too-distant future, where meat is “grown” without factory farms, slaughterhouses, or the killing of animals. Sound like science fiction? Maybe. But a group of determined scientists believes it could be possible to mass-produce meat using cloned animal cells well within the next decade. They claim this lab-grown “cultured meat” will be healthier and safer to eat than meat sliced from slaughtered animals, and will produce less pollution and require fewer resources than harvesting livestock for human consumption. Full Article


3 Responses to Songbird Self, Hot Rod Heros, and Virtual-Meat

  1. troy says:

    yiewwww…. i definitely have a knee jerk “ik” reaction to that man made meat! is it just my brain can’t accept the possibility of meat != animal? is cultured meat vastly different from soy mock duck, or not? does it help people desire to not harm living creatures?

    for now at least i think i’ll stick to whole foods that come out of the ground, and are less resource intensive 🙂 however, given our meat-obsessed culture will not relinquish the desire to consume flesh in any major way anytime soon, this is far, far better than factory farming, and at least they seem to recognize the environmental problems with meat production.

  2. Adam says:

    I think that if we ever get to the point where eating flesh made in a lab sounds appealing, we need to just all become vegetarian.

    I have cut back on my beef consumption after learning how much corn is fed to a cow to get 1 lb of hamburger. Since I’ve cut back, when I do eat a large peice, my body doesnt even know how to process it.

    It’s rather scary.

  3. mmmona says:

    I think meat is gross regardless of how it’s made, but I have a feeling I’m in the minority on that one.
    The bikers are inspiring. Thanks for posting that.

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