Fresh Friday Finds

1. Tying not to use silk? Thanks to DB reader Pierre for this, we’ve been informed of the all Vegan Ties made from satin and cotton at:

Brown Blue Yellow Cotton Ties in Brown/Blue/Yellow Tan Blue Red White Cotton Ties in Tan/Blue/Red/White Light Color Solid Tie in Pink Wide Ridged Stripes Tie in Yellow/Light Green/Light Blue/Silver-White

2. Give Leather a Smack-down. More Vegan Mixed Martial Arts gloves! I still think there should be an official “Mac Danzig signature vegan glove”. Hey Mac, get in touch!

3. Suits made from 100% recycled post-consumer material! ECOGIR from Bagir Global Innovative Tailoring also features organic cotton, bamboo and tagua nut suits!

4. FISA vote sends us into 1984.

5. Organic Hemp B-boys from THTC. From organic growing, to processing, treating and dying the hemp and cotton fibres, to labor practices – THTC is a leader in ethical fashion. With it’s heart in breakdancing, graffiti art, Hip Hop, Reggae, Breaks and Drum & Bass, the designs coming from this collective is making waves in the urban scene, with fans emerging like Morcheeba, Asian Dub Foundation, Goldie and the Mad Professor. from THTCZulu Nation UK PFunk

2 Responses to Fresh Friday Finds

  1. […] like these non-silk, all-natural cotton ties and might order a couple. (Thanks to Joshua for the find!) Also, non-sequitor, but we love a tall […]

  2. Bri says:

    Jaan J. Cotton Non Silk Ties. Bought Many. Love them. Quality, packaging, speed…Great! A definite buy.

    Jaan J. – Vegan & Cotton Non Silk Ties

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