Puppy Love in the Sun

This summer, the hottest thing happening is rescuing shelter dogs! Open your heart and your home to a loyal friend that will greet you with electric-enthusiasm every time you walk through the door and who will love you unconditionally. Save a life!

Here’s my Enzo adoption story. I can’t wait to hear yours!

These dogs are currently up for adoption at New York Animal Care and Control.

If you are in New York City, search HERE

If you are outside NYC, Search:


If you don’t know about puppy mills, last month, Oprah did a special on Puppy Mills and breeders:

DB Etiquette Recommendation: For every pet bought from a breeder or pet store, over 800 are put down. Yep – 800. Per day. In each State. Simply because there are already millions of dogs being euthanised because no one wants them. And the devastating thing is – you can definitely adopt pure breeds from shelters!


3 Responses to Puppy Love in the Sun

  1. simplysavage says:

    I was recently forced to give up a dog I was fostering from a shelter – but the experience was truly enriching. I would do it again if I could.

    These animals have no choice and were never given one. Abandoned and/or abused. Rescuing an animal and taking them into your home isn’t always the easiest thing, but it’s definitely rewarding, for you and the life you saved.

    DB readers, even if you cannot adopt an animal, many can still be rescued through a temporary foster situation where you care for the animal until a permanent home is found. So you can still save a life this summer – and I’m sure any dog would love to be outside soaking up the sun with you!

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