Boutiques, Sweets, Slices, & Endangered Bears

1. Eco Boutique Opens in LA.
An awesome eco-boutique, Visionary, has opened in West Hollywood – but so far it’s only for the ladies. Hey Visionary! Don’t forget about us Brutes!

2. Penny Licks is Vegan Sweets Heaven!
Last night at Penny Licks – Melissa, Jodi and I indulged in vegan brownie sundays with soy whipped-cream and a cherry on top! While wearing a gorgeous Organic cotton polo, I had a peanut-butter brownie sunday with temptation cookie-dough vegan ice cream. Jodi went to town on a huge slice of vegan coconut cream cake from Vegan Treats. To top that off, We ate with biodegradable corn-based spoons and ate out of biodegradable cups. Not everything is vegan here, but most of it is, and most of it is organic as well. This is my new favorite spot! See you there….

Penny Licks

3. Vinnie’s Pizzeria Makes Love to the Vegan Pie.vinnies vegan pizza
Just a few doors down from Penny Licks, Vinnie’s Pizzeria is putting shame to any other pizza place that has attempted to do vegan pies before. There isn’t just one “we have to put something out to take economic advantage of those annoying vegans” pie. Every day there are at least three innovative pies, in addition to handwheels, rolls, and sandwiches. They use Teese, from the same people that brought you Temptation.

4. Polar Bear on Official “Endangered Species” list. this week, the Secretary of the Interior placed the polar bear on the Endangered Species List as a threatened species.The listing is clearly a step in the right direction. Much more needs to be done — to save the polar bear and solve the climate crisis.


4 Responses to Boutiques, Sweets, Slices, & Endangered Bears

  1. Matthew says:

    No link or address or anything for Penny Licks?

  2. Michael says:

    I had NO idea about Penny Licks – SO going there.

    AND, I didn’t know that Vinnie’s even had vegan pizza. I love that place – and especially the handsome lad who works there.

    Have you tried the totally vegetarian Pizza shop by the Cinema Village East in Manhattan?
    It’s on 2nd between 11th and 12th – Huge Vegan Pizza selection…

  3. Michael says:

    OK – your recommendations win.

    Vinnie’s vegan calzone was AMAZING – and as always, they are the nicest guys in a pizza shop ever. And Penny Licks, incredible ice cream, brownies, cheescake. It’s amazing, but Williamsburg is turning into Portland, except that we have Manhattan across the water.

  4. al says:

    i’m psyched penny licks has vegan whipped cream!

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