Horror Chick Flicks & Supreme Scramble


1. The BEST tofu-scramble I have ever had is at Bliss, an unassuming hole-in-the-wall organic, vegetarian brunch and dinner joint, in a prime location on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. The music is innocently and charmingly terrible, the staff is adorable and sweet, and the homemade cashew cookies and chocolate cupcakes are addictive. The winner, though, is the amazing, savory, soy scramble that keeps me coming back at least once a week.

**Cash Only**
191 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Cross Street: Btwn N 6th & N 7th Sts
Public Transit: L @ Bedford Ave

2. Trader Joe’s has finally abandoned Gemperle Enterprises Eggs after friends of DB, Mercy For Animals, exposed undercover investigative footage of the gross neglect and cruel treatment of hens at Gemperle Enterprises’ factory egg farm in California. Like the Westland Meat/ Hallmark Beef recall, this has generated a flurry of media attention across the nation, including stories on CNN.com and by the LA Times, and the Associated Press. Not surprisingly, when people really see what’s happening on factory farms, it’s almost impossible not to withdraw financial sponsorship of behavior that is so contradictory to our own conscience.

The decision came on the heels of MFA’s news conference in Los Angeles, which revealed the grocery chain’s business relationship with Gemperle Enterprises, where employees were caught on hidden camera kicking, throwing, and stomping on live birds.

Although this announcement is a good first step, Trader Joe’s must do more. Please write to the CEO of Trader Joe’s and urge him to take further action to prevent cruelty to animals by adopting a strict policy against the sale of battery-cage eggs.

Egg Laying chickens are probably the most abused animals, and unfortunately, these behaviors are considered normal on typical egg farms. Egg alternatives, click here:


Advice on substituting eggs from Post Punk Kitchen.

DB Etiquette Recommendation: The best way to avoid supporting activities with no regard for the suffering of living, feeling animals is to stop eating eggs and adopt a healthy, plant-based diet.

4 Responses to Horror Chick Flicks & Supreme Scramble

  1. Jupiter Ryan says:

    I emailed the chicken video to all my family members who buy groceries.
    You don’t realize the brutality on any level, because there’s no meat consumed.
    This is very disturbing.
    If only the alternates were better/easier to create. Tumeric added to mashed tofu? Hm. Dubious.

  2. I make an awesome mock egg salad using tofu and tumeric-along with some sesame oil and other goodies. I had 2 carnivores take one look at it, smell it, and demand the recipe. One even went out and bought the ingredients from Whole Foods that very night. I wonder if there is anything out there to substitute for scrambled?

  3. ChloeJo says:

    Eggs are chicken periods. Ew.

  4. C-Ann says:

    So I gave up ‘meat’ a long time ago. But, I’ve been eating eggs. I have 6 adorable hens that have an awesome little house, vegetarian fed and get to move around safely. I just lost one hen (they live out their lives with me – whether they lay eggs or not, they are my pets/friends).

    Is it bad that I still eat their eggs?

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