DB Gets Naked in Time Out New York!

Time Out New York Horny?

Seitan made me do it! I was recently featured in Time Out New York’s Horny Issue. I got down and dirty about eating local, vegan, and choosing good food over mediocre sex. Yes, that’s a local, organic beet leaf on my balls.

The amazingly talented (and friend of DB) Ryan Pfluger took the pictures, and we used the gorgeous home of Pablo & Veronica of Dr. Cow.

Discerning Brute takes it off for New York City

“It was a philosophical struggle for me to pose naked, but you do what you have to do to get your message out there. All forms of oppression are connected: mainstream-media sex, violence, social justice, environmental issues, animal exploitation. When you perpetuate one of them, you perpetuate all of them. But I believe you can live ethically and fabulously.”

“I’ve been vegan for 12 years. For the shoot, I went to the Union Square farmers’ market and bought a bunch of local, organic veggies, fruits and roots. The green movement is finally becoming sexy—and it’s because of food. Food is like sex: You interact with it physically, you put it in your body. I’d rather have an amazing meal than mediocre sex.”

Check me out and the other hot-blooded New Yorkers, on stands tomorrow!

UPDATE: New York Magazine Bloggers go at me! Get the New York Magazine dirt here.


8 Responses to DB Gets Naked in Time Out New York!

  1. WELLLLLLLL bitch, you look hot.
    Nobody in that smarticle had anything articulate to say other than you.
    What else is new?
    You are the Bea to my Arthur. GORGEOUS! Good for you for spilling the gospel.

  2. señor savage says:

    Nice pics. Sexy but not trashy. I’m glad you bared all to NYC – your body and your brains – to get the word out. You, señor, are very brave!

    Now be prepared to have a hoard of hungry men knocking at your door. Haha!

  3. Blake Fraina says:

    Well, like I said in March – you are one sexy beast.

    Your sentiment, about all forms of oppression being related, is even sexier.

    Great to see someone spreading the word about veganism and ethical living.

    I can’t wait until my TONY arrives in the mail on Friday.

    Rock on, DB!

  4. […] My addition to the list is Houndstooth, who has amazing vintage menswear. The 1930s undies in my Time Out New York Spread are from the stylish Michael Kimmins & Maria Chavez at Houndstooth. Know of a good menswear […]

  5. madcapCupcake says:

    Bravo Joshua! great photos – that moronic post by the New York Magazine ‘Bloggers’ is laughable and seems to point to the likelihood that their ability to read and comprehend is in line with their sensitivity levels. Keep fighting the good fight – your blog rocks.

  6. […] 2. I had fun at the Time Out New York “Horny Issue” Party! Here I am on Fleshbot (!!!) w/ the lovely Kerin Rose. Where did I put those clothes? For those that missed it, I was the centerfold in TONY’s Horny Issue. […]

  7. andrea says:

    Your aunt from New Jersey say’s “put your pants back on!!”…OY VEY!!

  8. haha! Hi Aunt Andrea. 🙂

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