Gala Time!

Farm Sanctuary Gala

When was the last time you wined, dined, and looked refined with EMCEE Melissa Rivers, and SPECIAL GUESTS Kristen Bell, Rachel Leigh Cook, Jennifer Coolidge, Emily Deschanel, Christine Ebersole, Lisa Edelstein, Swoosie Kurtz, Vanessa Marcil, Peter Max, Rue McClanahan, Esai Morales, Kevin Nealon, Eric Roberts, Daniela Sea, Ally Sheedy, Loretta Swit, True Whitaker, Persia White, Shawn Colvin and Debra Wilson Skelton? Probably never…

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This is a product of my friends’ blood, sweat, and tears. You’ll meet compassionate people you only DREAMED of meeting, and network with like minded GREENIES… and all to help the animals! What could be more wonderful? If you want to hang out, eat amazing food, meet amazing people (including myself, of course) then buy tix now!

They will (and always do) sell out.

Three-course Gourmet Vegan Dinner
Farm Animal-inspired Auction
Award Presentations

Tickets are $400 per person.
To purchase tickets, donate and learn more, or to find out about sponsorship and advertising opportunities and make product donations and auction contributions to support the event, please contact us at 607-583-2225 ext.221 or

Planning Committee
James Costa, Chair
Madeline Davis, Chris Haynes, Dennis Erdman, Joy Pierson, Sal Scamardo, James Warren, Vanessa Noel, Benay Vynerib

You won’t regret attending this event.


12 Responses to Gala Time!

  1. Deborah Fiske says:

    I hope it is not true that you are having Heather Mills hosting this event. I am a supporter of Farm Sanctuary, and I admire the work that you do, but I’m appalled that you would have someone who has been proven, by a high court in London, to be a liar. In court she could not prove that she has ever given money to charity, except the money that was donated by her ex-husband, and who is a charity campaigner first and foremost for herself. I truly hope you will re-think having this sort of person representing a truly honorable organization such as yours.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Thank you so much for outstanding, ongoing support for the animals.

    We truly appreciate you reaching out with your concerns about our Heather Mills. Heather has been a longstanding, tireless activist for farm animals, and an outspoken vegan. True vegan celebrity advocates are few and far between, and our goal at all times must be what is best for the animals, and what can bring their plight the utmost amount of attention. Heather is already bringing more attention to our campaigns via the media than we could ever afford to via advertising. We must take every opportunity to raise awareness and reach people through the press to advocate for the hundreds of millions of animals who suffer and die needlessly each year. Heather’s mission to provide meatless meats with her new line of food products and chain of restaurants will make it possible for people to embrace vegan living, easily and tastily, and therefore save so many lives and create so much change.

    We must support those who show compassion for the animals by rewarding their caring with inclusion. If they’ve come to us and said “We want to help.” – That alone is such a great thing for the animals.

    We hope you understand, and that you stand by the animals and Farm Sanctuary’s work. Please do note hesitate to email me with any more concerns or questions.

    Warmest thanks,

  3. Terri Day says:

    In quoting a dear friend in her response re. Heather Mills parading her name within your organization, “Reading the court documents you come to see the depth of her fraud. She gave nothing to charity – nothing. For her it was a way to make money. All good con men and women know the easiest way to make money is to “collect” money for charities. She is a con women – works well when you are a sociopath and stay under the radar. Her biggest problem is that she also wants to be famous — this is her downfall.”

    Mills has ‘not’ been a longstanding tireless activist for farm animals — she was never involved in animal advocacy at all until a few years ago when she became involved with the McCartney’s (same is true for her landmines work via the McCartney’s/Eastman’s), neither was she vegetarian, nor vegan prior to this relationship. What is best for the animals, and what can bring their plight the utmost amount of attention is not something that is found in using globally-known unscrupulous individuals. Reaching people via this specific woman is an affront, even to those of us who are deeply committed to this cause.

    Prior to her relationship with McCartney, the only charity Heather Mills ever represented was her own. Her own charity for which she cannot produce ANY books or records of where the funds she received went to. Anyone can purport to be shown representing a cause — all you need is a hired camera crew.

    Perhaps you have seen the video Heather compiled and showed to the Court to illustrate “how she is hunted down by paparazzi”? It is called “Hunting Heather” and, the short answer for this is that this is that this film is a complete farce and an insult to any normal person’s intelligence — the accident portrayed in this film clip had nothing whatsoever to do with Mills, yet she purposefully had it filmed as if it did. The woman is a publicity seeking con-artist who has now been soundly found out (proven so within the legal arena), and who looks for any opportunity that will allow her to get her face (and mouth) in the media. Her entire life is based on proven lies and gross embellishments.

    Whether Mills is wanting to help or not, I (and many others) deeply believe you should be using “respectability” as your guide in discerning who is acceptable to be fronting our cause.

    Thank you for listening to these concerns.

  4. Marie Kelly says:

    Heather Mills? Honestly, why would any charity or cause think she would help them? Court papers have shown that she has lied about her charity work and donations. She is the worst kind of example for anyone divorcing with dignity. She assaulted another woman in the court room, she told lies (proven in court) about her ex husband. She was driven to a vegan event in England in a gas guzzling SUV – which was left running as she told the world to drink rats milk. I understand that is not what she was trying to get across, but as she does not express herself well she failed to help her cause. She actually hurt it. You think she is a good example of a vegan? Think again please. Until she can treat other human’s with dignity she will not impress me with her animal charities at all. I will continue to support animal charities that do not have a connection to her.
    As for other’s who would be a good choice – look at the people listed at the top of this page. Please choose from them.

  5. Terri says:

    Tonight on British television there was a documentary done on Heather Mills. In this documentary it was proven she has absolutely lied about her entire past. She was a prostitute for many years. One of the girls she did this with was fully interviewed, as well as a MAJOR international arms dealer who used to consistently hire these two women. Heather has also often, via the media, put up a big stink about being referred to as having been involved in pornography, which she has adamantly denied, as well as, again, prostitution, which she has also adamantly denied. The proofs are out there now and she CANNOT dispute either of these facts any longer.

    For anyone (other than her sister) that has really known Heather, one thing that has been consistently mentioned is that she is excellent at duping people and pretending to be something else to get what she wants.

    I truly do not want to see someone of her calibre rewarded for being a known liar re. their past, and for being effective in getting people to believe she is wonderful when she clearly is not. Again, please note that the legal arena in Britian found absolutely that, prior to her marriage to McCartney, Heather Mills has NEVER given monetarily to charity — she simply collected funds for her own charity (for which she hold no records).

    None of us are perfect and we’ve all made plenty of mistakes. The problem with Heather is that she continues in this conduct without blinking an eye, and everyone who has ever fallen for her act has paid dearly for believing she is anything more than the devious individual she is.

    Paul McCartney was married for 30 years to the same woman — together they raised four good, responsible children. There is nothing more important to McCartney than his marriage and his family. What kind of a person does a woman have to be to get Paul McCartney to walk out on her? She did not leave him — he left her, something that broke his heart in that they do have a child together.

    I am not voicing these things because I am a Paul McCartney fan — I am voicing these things because I am a fan of your cause for farm animals. I do not want to see Heather Mills (or anyone like her) allowed anywhere near these causes. She is doing this, simply and plainly because she wants attention and media coverage, NOT because her heart is pure in these efforts. She has done some good work, no question, but not without video taping and publicly advertising her every single step (by her own bidding). Please do not allow Heather Mills to become involved in this cause.

    Again, thank you for listening.

  6. Debbie Cording says:

    The problem for me, is you have to have spokespeople who are responsible and trustworthy. They shouldn’t be proven liars. I have a problem with causes that put these people upfront. Ms. Mills would be one of those people. These people who represent you, need a certain amount of dignity.

  7. Jess Hartwell says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for all of the hard work your organization does for the welfare of animals. I have to say though, I cannot understand your organization having a well-known liar, by the name of Heather Mills, host your event; it is truly amazing.

    I would think that an organization would check the validity of the statements made by the people they choose to represent them in such a public venue. Just because a person says they contribute to the well-being of animals does not make it true. If you have any doubt just read the court documents by Mr, Justice Bennett. This is just a small example of his ruling regarding her tax returns in regards to charitable giving “…disclose no charitable giving at all”, despite her assurances that she gave “as much as 80 per cent or 90 per cent of her earnings … direct to charities.” She had absolutely no proof that she ever contributed any money that she collected for her “charity” to any charities at all, until, of course, she donated her ex-husband’s money. In my opinion, someone who steals from charities is vile and certainly not someone who should be asking for donations; I for one will not donate money to any organization that feels this woman is a good representative for their organization.

    I guess the old adage; “Any publicity is good publicity” should be your motto. I’m glad that PETA does not feel the same way.

  8. This is not my event, but these are my opinions:
    I appreciate your concerns, but I can’t say I agree with them. Frankly, your opinions on Heather hosting an event shouldn’t, as a result, punish the farm animals that need our help. Don’t pretend to be an animal advocate who is repositioning your support for animals based on media-hype. A true animal advocate would never betray the animals for something as silly and juvenile as that. Additionally, there aren’t exactly celebs with huge media followings beating down the AR Movement’s door to represent us, and anyone who can bring attention to the animals and their plight is wonderful. However, there are plenty of celebs who are terrible to the animals, so why not focus your negative energy upon them? Or is it easier to flock to what the tabloids tell you to do? Making it your mission to destroy someone requires an incredible amount of energy, and I wonder how you could better manage your time?

    If they didn’t allow anyone who has lied into the event, it would be empty, so while your puritanical ideals are understood – they are not realistic or beneficial to the animals. Instead of attacking Heather for her supposed lack of support for the animals (which I can contend from first-hand experience) you should put your money where your mouth is and NEVER abandon the animals.

  9. Jess Hartwell says:

    I am hardly on a mission to destroy anyone, but I’m so tired of hearing the venom and lies this women spews, on television and in her own words, not in the tabloids, that I can’t understand why YOU would deem this person as an acceptable spokesperson. SHE is the one hurting the animals. I go to this website for information, and when I read about her hosting, I felt she would hurt this organization, so this is why I left the comments I did.

    And while you’re at it, don’t insult me for stating my opinions where opinions are asked for. I run a farm for unwanted racehorses. So, yes, I have seen my share of abuse, which I believe shows that I have put my money where my mouth is, and have done so for many years, I just don’t need the accolades for it that this woman seems to need.

  10. Terri says:

    Josh, I do not intend to EVER stop my support of animals being treated humanely — they are too, too close to my heart and I have been doing this far too long… There are many good and legitimate animal rescue organizations to give to… I simply will not support organizations that use individuals who possess the complete lack of credibility and character Heather Mills does… If you are trying to inspire me (or anyone) to continue supporting your efforts, affronting us is not the way to do it… We ARE here because we care about the animals, you know?

    Who will be your host next year? Heidi Fleiss? Jenna Jameson? Seriously… A no prostitutes/porn stars stance would be a good place to start in determining who is acceptable and/or desireable to represent the face of Farm Sanctuary… Tabloids? How about “proven facts”?

  11. Ann says:

    People have concerns of how their money is being used when they give to charities. To have someone host an event that has been proven to have lied regarding giving 80% of her money to charity and constantly made/makes proclamations about it, and the actual fact found from her own financial records is that she did not give one cent in all her years, makes your charity suspect. I for one will be giving my money elsewhere. People are not abandoning the animals, they are abandoning your poor thought process when you picked a fraudalent person to front your charity thus making your charity suspect. It was your organization that abandoned the animals.

  12. Debbie Cording says:

    Josh you are pretty defensive. What is needed is a person who will be a strong and trusted representative of the cause. Liars may sit in the audience, but they should not be front and center. Why not get a professional chef to demonstrate cooking? What food products does she support? You may be thinking of the first Mrs. McCartney.

    Nobody will abandon the animals, but they might abandon your charity. There are other ways to show support and other places to send money.

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