Thanking the MonkeyIf you are a Discerning Brute, like I am – knowing what the hell is going on in this crazy world we live in, and pursuing knowledge, intelligence and understanding in order to navigate through it (lightly!) is crucial. That is why I am recommending Karen Dawn’s (of Dawnwatch) new book Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals.

I am reading it right now (got a proof at the press lunch) and it’s full of my favorite celebrities, features art and cartoons by the likes of the legendary Sue Coe, Anthony Freda and Dan Pirraro (of Bizarro), and reveals jaw-dropping information that you absolutely must know about!

The release of this book marks a milestone concerning the position of non-human animals in our culture. Where others have been prohibitively academic and heavy-handed, Dawn’s approach retorts with conversational humor and easy-to-understand philosophy, but doesn’t compromise at all when it comes to thorough research and honesty about everything from circuses to slaughterhouses.

With glowing reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Booklist, and incredible endorsements from Gloria Steinem, Bill Maher, Anthony Kiedis, Emily Deschanel, Paul Haggis, JM Coetzee, Matthew Scully, Rory Freedman, Persia White, Bruce Greenwood and many more – it is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered about the position of animals in our society and wants to consider themselves ethically fabulous.

I produced this video for Karen and spoke with a bunch of really intelligent celebs about the book:

Harper Collins retail price $19.95
To buy a signed copy in advance, for just $14.95 plus shipping (USA only from this website, sorry) please use the “Buy Now” button below. It will take you to a Paypal page, but those without Paypal accounts can choose a regular credit card option. Shipping is $4.95 for one copy, $1.95 for each additional copy up to five, and free for all copies after five. The on sale date, when books will be in stores, is March 24th, 2008. Signed copies will be shipped in March.

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